Buy one, give one

 One Laptop Per Child pic

One Laptop Per Child has created the $100 XO laptop for purchase and distribution by developing countries. They’ll be available for governments to purchase and distribute to the schools.  Multiple charging options are available including a hand crank and accepting DC power from solar panels.

For two weeks starting today, the computer is available for US purchase for $399.  That price includes a laptop for you, one for another child, and funding for the OLPC program.

The computer was presented at the TED conference.  To see Nicholar Negroponte discussing it, watch below.


My question, though, is whether or not this is just a clever cover for a plan to surveil and then censor the poor along with the rest of the middle class?  As much as I’d like to vehemently deny such a devious plan, how can I?

November 12, 2007 | filed under give time/money, plain cool 


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