The unexpected

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I can’t believe that I’m actually interested in a Republican candidate.  Two-party systems are dumb and I know that, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  Maybe I’m surprised that the thing that compels me to like this candidate is so atypical for a Republican of all people.

Who?  Ron Paul.

Why?  He’s for economic freedom.

What do I mean by that?  Wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve.  Supports alternative currencies, such as the Liberty Dollar, which is now experiencing a peak in interest after the headquarters of the company was raided last month.   I suggest doing your research on the Liberty Dollar and alternative currencies.  While you’re at it, may as well look into the impending collapse of the dollar and current banking systems.

Cynical?  No…imminent.  Imminent.

The upside is that there is an alternative: gold.  Get it.

The story of stuff…and [your] life

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I couldn’t find a version as clear as the one on the site, so please go to to watch the entire film. It’s only 20 minutes and very much worth your time. If you haven’t the time to watch it all in one sitting, you can watch the parts on YouTube and/or Google Video. It’s so worth it!

Composting made easy!

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NatureMillI’m so excited about this product I’ve recently found. I’m certain I come off as ambivalent, one minute decrying products, the next praising them. Thing is…just because I’m ready to change doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Step by step, I suppose. For those highly urbanized individuals who depend on products and aren’t giving them up anytime soon, there’s still good for you to do.

I often think about farming and how I don’t want to farm with toxic soil. Now I’ll just make my own. 😉 Thanks to a product called NatureMill, ordinary individuals–urban or rural–can do their own composting in a matter of weeks.

According to NatureMill, up to 40% of the waste in landfills is food waste. With their composting products, the waste will never make it to the landfill. Taking up only a few feet of space and an electrical outlet, you put in your organic waste: coffee grounds, tea bags, and vegetable/meat/dairy remains. Turn the machine on and the computer supercharges and regulates the heat and oxygen levels, accelerating the composting process. What can take months now takes two weeks. With a price tag of $299, less than an iPhone, gaming system, or top of the line camera for all you techy Christmas shoppers and comparable to the price of a trash compactor, there’s not a barrage of reasons for why one shouldn’t be adding NatureMill to the list of things to get to improve your positive contributions to the world.

For pet owners, there’s also a version for composting pet waste. Check out to learn more.

Good music makes life worth living…a little bit

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Do you [want to] blog?

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I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they’re letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it’s still free.

The journey

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Maybe I did jump ship…I don’t know.  Obviously, I’m not resolved yet.

We all have to honor the infinite wisdom we access.  All of us.  There are things I know to do yet avoid and always pay the price.  Always.  Doesn’t it always go like that?

We must walk our paths and honor the truths that have been revealed to us.  If we find that it’s best for us to not do something, don’t do it.  It’s really that simple, yet we complicate things with our desires and attachments.  I’m working to detach myself and require less.  My focus is short while the list of my interests is long, the perfect climate for jacks and not masters.  Above all, I seek to master me.  Requisite condition(s): a focused mind and a strong, supple body.  How easily we forget to truly take care of ourselves.

The Scrooge

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Today, I received a corporate email where everyone pictured was wearing red.  “They just make everybody accept Christmas, huh?” I thought.  No matter what you practice or believe, Christmas is one of the most intrusive times of the year.   While I believe that the virtues extolled during this time of year are wonderful, I know that it’s all B.S. propoganda so I can’t deal with it.  It’s not about the virtues; it’s about the gifts.  It’s not about Jesus’ birthday because he wasn’t born in December; it’s about the gifts.  It’s not about Christ or Christianity at all; it’s about the gifts.

The concept of Ebeneezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol is an extraordinarily interesting one to me.  Here you have a character, a grouch, who loathes Christmas.  Each year, his intense hatred for the “holiday” strengthens as he draws further and further into himself.  Dickens informs readers that the reason Scrooge hates Christmas so much is because of his unhappy childhood and poor relationship with his father, who forced him to spend the holiday alone doing homework.  The insinuation is that if Scrooge had received the virtues of kindness, compassion, love and tenderness, he wouldn’t have been the Christmas basher that he was.

Abstract this characterization and apply it to our culture.  Often times, when people have an unpleasant demeanor around this time because of Christmas, they’re made out to be a Scrooge or a Grinch.  Reality is Christmas has nothing to do with what it’s said to be about–NOTHING–and it’s unfair to make those that know this wear the Scrooge cap because the rest of the world believes contrary due to the successful indoctrination of the so-called holiday.

When I have kids, no, I will not celebrate Christmas.  They will not receive Christmas gifts or any other kind of gift on or around December 25th.  No.

If you’d like to do the knowledge, watch the following video called The Unwrapping of Christmas: Its History, Myths, and Traditions.

Message for days:

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Stop believing lies.
When you stop believing lies, you’ll stop telling lies.
When you stop telling lies, you’ll tell the truth.
When you tell the truth, the truth shall be known.

Revisited: Did I jump ship?

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Upon further consideration, I realized that I didn’t jump ship. I haven’t abandoned the mission…my life is the mission. I can only be what I am, so that’s what I’m doing with the quest of improving myself in every possible way during the journey.

I’ve got work to do, yes. Just like everyone. Thing is…I’m doing the work. What’s the secret to life? Action.

Did I jump ship?

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Looking at the recent posts, I sometimes wonder if I’ve abandoned my mission of looking for good in the world. On one hand, yes. On another…mmehhh…? It’s hard to say. When I think about my general outlook, though, the answer is more probably the former.

My scattered focus is the result of my ecclectic interests, the ever-reigning interest in information and the truth. So much of it is scarcely sprinkled around that I can hardly help but to be the water bearer that I am and pour out the truth. It’s just my nature.

I am a critical person. Sure. On my journey, I find that perhaps that isn’t such a common trait despite my point of view often times being refreshing. I don’t know… What I’ve also found though is that as a collective, we’ve been lied to so much that those speaking the truth are so easily cast in the dark and buried with propagated accusations of being crazy, mean, a conspiracy theorist, etc.

“Truth comes, we can’t hear it and you’ve been programmed to fear it.”
– Lauryn Hill, “Freedom Time”

As a person, not an organization, all I can tell you is that I’m working on it. And I am. Just consider everything that I write. Consider everything and believe nothing. When I post a picture of two women with the caption “I hate myself.” try to understand what I mean and what supports that claim. If you disagree, you disagree and that’s fine. Let’s agree to disagree. Perhaps when we’ve experienced more, you’ll understand what I’m saying or I’ll understand what you’re saying. That’s fine; as long as there’s growth.

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