Composting made easy!

NatureMillI’m so excited about this product I’ve recently found. I’m certain I come off as ambivalent, one minute decrying products, the next praising them. Thing is…just because I’m ready to change doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Step by step, I suppose. For those highly urbanized individuals who depend on products and aren’t giving them up anytime soon, there’s still good for you to do.

I often think about farming and how I don’t want to farm with toxic soil. Now I’ll just make my own. 😉 Thanks to a product called NatureMill, ordinary individuals–urban or rural–can do their own composting in a matter of weeks.

According to NatureMill, up to 40% of the waste in landfills is food waste. With their composting products, the waste will never make it to the landfill. Taking up only a few feet of space and an electrical outlet, you put in your organic waste: coffee grounds, tea bags, and vegetable/meat/dairy remains. Turn the machine on and the computer supercharges and regulates the heat and oxygen levels, accelerating the composting process. What can take months now takes two weeks. With a price tag of $299, less than an iPhone, gaming system, or top of the line camera for all you techy Christmas shoppers and comparable to the price of a trash compactor, there’s not a barrage of reasons for why one shouldn’t be adding NatureMill to the list of things to get to improve your positive contributions to the world.

For pet owners, there’s also a version for composting pet waste. Check out to learn more.

December 23, 2007 | filed under plain cool, spotlight 


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