Did I jump ship?

Looking at the recent posts, I sometimes wonder if I’ve abandoned my mission of looking for good in the world. On one hand, yes. On another…mmehhh…? It’s hard to say. When I think about my general outlook, though, the answer is more probably the former.

My scattered focus is the result of my ecclectic interests, the ever-reigning interest in information and the truth. So much of it is scarcely sprinkled around that I can hardly help but to be the water bearer that I am and pour out the truth. It’s just my nature.

I am a critical person. Sure. On my journey, I find that perhaps that isn’t such a common trait despite my point of view often times being refreshing. I don’t know… What I’ve also found though is that as a collective, we’ve been lied to so much that those speaking the truth are so easily cast in the dark and buried with propagated accusations of being crazy, mean, a conspiracy theorist, etc.

“Truth comes, we can’t hear it and you’ve been programmed to fear it.”
– Lauryn Hill, “Freedom Time”

As a person, not an organization, all I can tell you is that I’m working on it. And I am. Just consider everything that I write. Consider everything and believe nothing. When I post a picture of two women with the caption “I hate myself.” try to understand what I mean and what supports that claim. If you disagree, you disagree and that’s fine. Let’s agree to disagree. Perhaps when we’ve experienced more, you’ll understand what I’m saying or I’ll understand what you’re saying. That’s fine; as long as there’s growth.

December 8, 2007 | filed under consider this, thoughts 


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