The journey

Maybe I did jump ship…I don’t know.  Obviously, I’m not resolved yet.

We all have to honor the infinite wisdom we access.  All of us.  There are things I know to do yet avoid and always pay the price.  Always.  Doesn’t it always go like that?

We must walk our paths and honor the truths that have been revealed to us.  If we find that it’s best for us to not do something, don’t do it.  It’s really that simple, yet we complicate things with our desires and attachments.  I’m working to detach myself and require less.  My focus is short while the list of my interests is long, the perfect climate for jacks and not masters.  Above all, I seek to master me.  Requisite condition(s): a focused mind and a strong, supple body.  How easily we forget to truly take care of ourselves.

December 15, 2007 | filed under moment of truth, thoughts 


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