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January 25th is Leandra Day


I’ve decided to start a new holiday, my own personal holiday that you have the right to adopt yourself: Leandra Day.  It was a concept conceived out of a joke, but the great ideas don’t always start out so great or with you knowing how great they, in fact, are.  Alas, I give you Leandra Day.

On January 25th, show the people in your life that you love them however you choose to: a personal gift, with an explicit “I love you”, with your time, by sharing your God-given gifts with them…whatever you choose to do is fine as long as the clear root message is “I love you and I’m glad you’re in my life.” 

I’m going to come up with a fancy logo and banners and all.  Leandra Day.  What a wonderful way to spend your January 25th.  🙂

One Response to January 25th is Leandra Day

  1. Amazingly, Jan 19 is Puddha day! I had no idea Puddha day and Leandra day were so close together! Anyway, the Puddha day tradition is to buddy up with an a fellow animal (doesn’t matter how many legs that animal has, 2,4,8, whatever)…find somebody you and your fellow animal mutually adore and demonstrate your love for them by giving ’em a good ol’ body slam sandwich.

    ***Buddha and I run at you from either side***

    We love you Leandra!

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