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Carroll County, Georgia

As a most-of-the-time loner, I would’ve never thought I’d be so into the idea of community, yet I am.  Perhaps because I don’t think I’ve experienced the living ideal very much in American cities.  Perhaps because Americans ironically pride themselves on rugged individualism, despite actively engaging in an economic structure that cannot flourish without dependency. 

Anyway, I just learned about a small, developing community in Carroll County, Georgia, about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta by the name of Brokenfoot Ranch.  It’s such a cool idea because what makes this community different–and real–is that it’s an agrarian community whose basis is centered around the farm.  Communal and domestic land will account for only 10% of the 66 acres, while the remaining 90% will remain dedicated to the forest and organic agriculture.

With some experience of community living, and the good fortune to live on 66 acres of rural land in Carroll County, Georgia (about 50 miles west/southwest of Atlanta not far from the Alabama line), I am working to create Brokenfoot Ranch, a small organic farm community whose members will share the work, responsibilities, and rewards of an agrarian, environmentally-friendly, humane, and socially-just way of life.

Brokenfoot Ranch won’t appeal to everyone. For example, it won’t be a co-housing development, although some of the design principles are similar. It won’t be a hippie commune, a religious institution, a haven for malcontents, or a place for people who like to talk about what ought to be done, but suddenly disappear when it’s time to “git’r done”.

Brokenfoot Ranch will make sense to people who aspire to a more environmentally-sound, community-based, agricultural way of life – and are committed to investing themselves personally, socially, economically to make this a reality. Brokenfoot Ranch is about the genuine spirit of sharing, cooperation, and careful stewardship of the Earth’s gifts. It is about the hard work, sincerity, humility, and joyfulness needed to create a sane way of life over the long term.

Read more about the ranch here and if you’re interested in visiting and/or learning more about the ranch, please contact Myra Banes at 770.258.3344 or at 404.895.7057 by telephone or at verdolagas[at]toast.net by email.

I’d love to see this idea reworked to be as self-sufficient as possible, utilizing biotecture such as Earthships and definitely an extensive herb garden.  :-)  I can have lots of fun with this idea…I hope you can, too.

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  1. So, I wonder. Who will end up escaping the suffocation of urbanity first, you or I? Either way, I hope we make it to 80 years old…we’re going to be some fantastically cool, herb growing, land loving, vegetable eating, productive and determined old ladies. Exciting!!!!

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