Don’t believe the hype!!!!!!!!

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This is such a stupid idea.  Point blank period.  Computer voting machines?  They can and will be rigged.  Watch America: Freedom to Facism and learn more here.

Request a paper ballot!!  The option is yours!

Where’s my cheerleader?

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Looking back upon the goals of my childhood, I realize that many of those never actualized because I wasn’t really driven.  That leads me to wonder about the whereabouts of a few critical people: Where was my coach?  Where was my cheerleader? 

Everyone, young or old–but especially the young–needs a coach and a cheerleader.  Sometimes I need someone to push me further than I think I can go because they know I can do more.  Sometimes I need someone in my corner cheering me on to help me stay on course.  Can I possibly be that different from everyone else?  The answer is no.

In considering who cheers me on, I’m provoked to think about who I cheer on or coach.  For whom are you a coach or a cheerleader?

Purchase ‘Garbage Warrior’ on DVD

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Since most people don’t have Sundance and won’t be in an area screening Garbage Warrior Garbage Warrior DVDanytime soon, but never fret: it’s not available for purchase at  Viewing this movie is really important.  We all need to be educated on alternative housing whether or not we forsee the possibilities of owning it. 

Every man is selfish and dishonest.  Making excuses.
Roshomon, 1950

I found these to be among the most poignant and succint words in the Japanese film, Roshomon.  At first I didn’t want to beleive them to be true with regard to my own life, but then I found myself in the kitchen contemplating using Drano in the kitchen sink…just to clear up any potential obstructions.  Those words popped into my head. 

Every man is selfish and dishonest.  Making excuses.

Here I was, not exempt.  If I go around talking about the lack of other people’s environmental concerns, it’s assumed that my concerns would be apparent in my actions…otherwise, what exactly am I critiquing?  Yet, for my own immediate concerns, using Drano was still momentarily a possibility.  And if that moment would’ve lingered enough to become an actual action as opposed to a simple possibility, I would’ve made an excuse.  In that moment I realized I can no longer speak for or about everyone unless I truly am including myself.  

We’ve got to stop making excuses.  I’ve certainly got to stop making them.   If we’re aware of current and imment environmental crises, we can’t keep making excuses for our actions and nonactions.  We have to stop being selfish and start being honest and hold ourselves and each other accountable. 

The waiting game

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At 12, I was sure I’d be rich at 25.  What I meant by rich was just loads of money.  Other than that, I had no clarity about my life–didn’t know where I wanted to live, how I wanted to spend my days, how I wanted to use my wealth; I just wanted money. 

Now I’m 25 and I certainly don’t have loads of money.  What went wrong?  I’d sometimes find myself a bit down because the wealth I imagined all throughout my youth never made its appearance in my bank account, not even for a cameo.  Then I had to start looking at myself honestly: if I can’t manage what I have now, how can I ever hope to have more? 

Perhaps I’m not ready for a lot of money yet.  Perhaps I need clarity…focus…a stronger connection spiritually.

The fact of the matter is, if I always look at myself through the perspective of where I think I should be, I’ll never be happy.  And where is this should coming from?  To whom does it belong?  Is it my ‘should’ or someone else’s?  If I believe que sera sera, then what is a ‘should’?

If I’m going to maintain extraordinary expectations of myself, I need to make sure that my actions are also extraordinary…and I need to be patient!  Great power given to the wrong people is a waste and so is great power given to the right people at the wrong time.

Tonight: Do the world a favor

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My last trip to New York provided me with the opportunity to see a film I’ve been interested in seeing for over four months and the opportunity to speak with the subject of the film, biotect Michael Reynolds.  On Tuesday, April 1st at 9 pm est/pst, the Sundance Channel will begin its second season of The Green premiering that film, The Garbage Warrior, which introduces viewers to Reynolds and his brilliant homes, earthships. 

Before watching Garbage Warrior, I was already enthralled with the idea of earthships.  I was certain that I wanted one and became an informal spokesperson for these houses, which are completely self-sustaining.  They produce their own electricity, their own heat, contain and treat both water and sewage, and render the perfect atmosphere for food production.  They’ll survive 30-below-zero winters, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  Seriously, they’re wonderful and necessary.  The film traces Reynold’s journey to getting the Sustainable Development Testing Site Act passed in New Mexico which allows for the testing of sustainable homebuilding technologies. 

After seeing this film, more than ever, I know that I need to get a piece of land and build one of these homes.  I urge you to watch this film, screening on Sundance tonight at 9:40 pm e/p; Friday, April 4th at 10:40 am e/p; and Sunday, April 6th at 3:40 pm e/p.  Garbage Warrior is also available for viewing OnDemand on the Sundance Channel.