Purchase ‘Garbage Warrior’ on DVD

Since most people don’t have Sundance and won’t be in an area screening Garbage Warrior Garbage Warrior DVDanytime soon, but never fret: it’s not available for purchase at GarbageWarrior.com.  Viewing this movie is really important.  We all need to be educated on alternative housing whether or not we forsee the possibilities of owning it. 

Every man is selfish and dishonest.  Making excuses.
Roshomon, 1950

I found these to be among the most poignant and succint words in the Japanese film, Roshomon.  At first I didn’t want to beleive them to be true with regard to my own life, but then I found myself in the kitchen contemplating using Drano in the kitchen sink…just to clear up any potential obstructions.  Those words popped into my head. 

Every man is selfish and dishonest.  Making excuses.

Here I was, not exempt.  If I go around talking about the lack of other people’s environmental concerns, it’s assumed that my concerns would be apparent in my actions…otherwise, what exactly am I critiquing?  Yet, for my own immediate concerns, using Drano was still momentarily a possibility.  And if that moment would’ve lingered enough to become an actual action as opposed to a simple possibility, I would’ve made an excuse.  In that moment I realized I can no longer speak for or about everyone unless I truly am including myself.  

We’ve got to stop making excuses.  I’ve certainly got to stop making them.   If we’re aware of current and imment environmental crises, we can’t keep making excuses for our actions and nonactions.  We have to stop being selfish and start being honest and hold ourselves and each other accountable. 

April 4, 2008 | filed under give time/money, moment of truth, pay attention, thoughts 


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