Where’s my cheerleader?

Looking back upon the goals of my childhood, I realize that many of those never actualized because I wasn’t really driven.  That leads me to wonder about the whereabouts of a few critical people: Where was my coach?  Where was my cheerleader? 

Everyone, young or old–but especially the young–needs a coach and a cheerleader.  Sometimes I need someone to push me further than I think I can go because they know I can do more.  Sometimes I need someone in my corner cheering me on to help me stay on course.  Can I possibly be that different from everyone else?  The answer is no.

In considering who cheers me on, I’m provoked to think about who I cheer on or coach.  For whom are you a coach or a cheerleader?

April 4, 2008 | filed under consider this, thoughts 


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