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Duped by politicians…why?


Malcolm X movie posterToday, I watched Spike Lee’s Malcolm X as well as the special features documentary.  Of all the thinkers I’ve been exposed to, Malcolm X has to just about be my favorite.  His transformation is an amazing testament of faith.  He’s an incredible orator whose confidence, charisma, story, and logic has touched millions of lives.  He helped so many Black people examine and raise their self-esteem and the regard they held for their people, as well as to make many other positive changes in their lives. 

I think about this film and am immediately reminded of how complacent and PC everyone is, how easily placated and fooled.  There are probably more Uncle Tom’s walking amongst us now than there have ever been; they don’t wear conks, but you can spot them by the company they keep. 

In an article on the conflict Black Republicans will face in November, it was noted that John McCain will be attending the NAACP annual convention next month.  What bothers me is that his appearance there probably won’t be in vain.  He’ll snatch up some of Hillary’s supporters and maybe some Independent voters as well, which is absolutely ridiculous!

When was the last time McCain attended any kind of Black function, formal or informal, when he wasn’t running for any kind of office?  He looks like he’s only comfortable around people that are either old, white, or rich, and dark skin automatically disqualifies a person even if they fit in two of the three categories. 

So why is he going to the NAACP convention?  Because he’s a trickster. 

Trickster?” you ask. 

Trickster.  (See video below.)

Malcolm X explains that JFK is a trickster.

It’s such an easy game to spot that I’m not at all sure why people can be so easily had. I’m not on McCain’s back because I think Obama’s going to make everything right because I don’t think he will. Our political system is so disgusting and marred that I have very little faith for politicians, despite being wooed by Obama’s charisma and intelligence.

More inspiring to me than Barack is Malcolm.  After hearing his speeches, I always want to study him, finding the post-NOI version more relatable.  Just my luck that there’s a great site dedicated to the man and his work at BrotherMalcolm.net.  It’s a great reference for anyone wanting to learn more.  Enjoy!

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