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The point of this site


I understand that, on occasion, I’ve completely deviated from the initial purpose of this blog. You know what? That’s life. Thing is…I’m getting back to it. Recently, I got hip to a fundamental systemic problem in my logic. The problem: negativity. I see everything as crap. I look at something and immediately see the bad. Why not the good?

In the process of applying for this fellowship two weeks ago, I reviewed my work history and completely wrote it off as bull. All of it. Like it was good for nothing, when that’s really not the case; I’m just not oriented to looking for the positive in situations. What a shame. Cynicism or optimism…which is more of a challenge? Sometimes, idealism seems really easy. If that were the case, though, why is recovering from cynicism such a difficult task? The questions.

So now I return to the objective of this site…assisting my recovery…because I need it. I’ve discovered a great number of helpful things recently. I’ll be sharing them over the upcoming days and weeks. (“Sorry”…need to secure a gig.)

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