What My World's Like

A little bit of random

  • The Dark Knight broke box office records this past weekend…rather deservingly. Fantastic. Heath Ledger was awesome. Does the film’s genre exclude him from being able to get an Oscar?
  • We take for granted the emotional contributions and instability of great actors.
  • We’re not saving the Earth!! We’re saving our selves! If we continue to decimate the planet, we won’t be able to live here. We need the delicate balance this planet provides to support our lives. If we weren’t here, life on Earth would flourish. Get it right. Semantics are everything.
  • Finally took a gander at the Fast Food Nation movie. The book is definitely better, but the movie has a lot to offer for those with time constraints or for those looking for a supplement to the book. Keep this in mind while watching the movie: it’s a fictional story based off true information. With that, what’s in your meat? Educate yourself on food-related issues; they affect you whether or not you choose to know.
  • Heat waves are no good.

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