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Good news: Sudan’s president charged with genocide in Darfur


Finally, some sort of accountability. Despite the ten charges Al-Bashir faces, judges will take several months reviewing the evidence before deciding whether or not to order for his arrest. On top of that, Al-Bashir doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the International Crimes Court. Wonderful.

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So…when is it Bush’s turn?

2 Responses to Good news: Sudan’s president charged with genocide in Darfur

  1. you know I’ve been half ass following whats going on with the politics in Africa. Its a heavily complicated situation and as an admittedly apathetic African American, I’m always questioning to what extent Western propaganda filters into these discussions. Who am I to champion the trial of Al-Bashir, with Bush sitting pretty on Pennsylvania Ave? Especially after this whole Iraq thing, I find myself second guessing my opinion more than I care to.

  2. You know…that’s an excellent point and as an anal ambivalent, apathetic so-called “African American,” I completely agree. Then again, I don’t think that we should deny holding anyone accountable for the atrocities they cause simply because the person heading our country has not yet been prosecuted for his own crimes. I would hope that the ICC would prosecute Bush, but the US isn’t part of ICC and has no jurisdiction here.

    Genocide is a ridiculous crime and the people who perpetuate it should be prosecuted…at the very least.

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