Spotlight: Little Dragon

I’ve been meaning to write about this group for approximately two months. Better late than never because chances are you don’t know who they are anyway, meaning I’m still ahead of the curve. 😉

Little Dragon album cover

The morning of May 4th was a good one. I heard Little Dragon‘s “Test” and was convinced to locate and secure a copy of the album. Shortly thereafter, that goal was met and I was captivated. How could I just be finding out about them? (Well…because I don’t cruise the music circuit in search of new talent like I used to.) They’re really that good.

This Swedish group has perfected a union of jazz, pop, electronica, and hip-hop. Listening to this music, you just know that they take their craft seriously. Note to musicians: make good albums and people will like them. Then, you won’t have to trick your fans or sell your soul. Pretty sweet deal to me.

Below are videos to some of my favorite songs on the ablum. (Yes, I like every song.)


“Constant Surprises”


For more music and info, head to their MySpace page.

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