Find the potential!

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And again…Gwenyth Paltrow is not African. LOL!


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Here’s one for basketball and Obama fans. Familiar with Vince Carter’s famous 2000 Olympic dunk on 7’2″ French center Frédéric Weis? According to Wikipedia, “Carter stole the ball, sprinted, took off – legs spread in midair, and hit Weis’s head as he bent over to avoid the collision, before slamming the ball.”  The US took home the gold.  Will Obama?

The illustration was drawn by Ron Ackins.

Transition is wack.

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I feel all over the place right now.  Current status: in transition.  It’s a pretty awkward place to be.  But as one of my friends reminds me, “transition never feels good.”  Indeed.

I have to get in the habit of dropping the little pearls of wisdom I’ve collected over the years to myself as easily as I do for others.  In hopes of changing my immediate feelings about all the happenings in my life, I try to remind myself that beginnings and endings are the same thing.  What doesn’t grow is dead…the only constant is change…in order to make way for new things in life, we often have to clear out what’s no longer needed.  😕

In case you need it…