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Same shit, different place…


Who are we? What are we doing? What are we agreeing to? With our silence? Our obedience? Our complacency? Our willful ignorance?

We can connect the dots if we so choose to, but we choose not to. Why? Ignoring reality does not change reality. Does not make it go away. Does not push it further away from us.

So scared of losing everything, of dying, that we cannot see that we lose everything in our decision to not act with humanity, with love.

We lose everything while we sit and watch others suffer, sitting idly in our security ignoring all the signs that tell us “this isn’t real.”

This isn’t real! So much of our lives, of what we do, eat, think is fake and choosing to be okay with that means we’ve already lost it all. We lost. Because we’re not living anyway.

“We will defeat this war by making it unworkable on the ground
through thousands of collected acts of rebellion and disobedience.”

“We do not walk today to ask concessions from the powers;
they will never legislate peace or freedom.
We come to you. We turn to the living.
Their armies cannot occupy our dreams and their jails cannot hold our number.
This is our world and these streets belong to us.”

5 Responses to Same shit, different place…

  1. Besides spreding the word to those who really are ignorant to these realities what else can we as a large body do? i have ideas as to first everyone starting in their local comunites but this must be a large scale. any suggestions?

  2. on point leandra. i’ve been feeling the same frustration. with the successful change to a ‘cultural war’ by mccain’s camp with palin’s selection, I’m scared for obama’s victory. more importantly i’m scared for intellectualism, humanitarianism, and rational self-interest being thrown away. the way i see it, similar to you, humans right now aren’t even following darwinism. we’re literally killing ourselves; physically, spiritually, emotionally, and pyschologically and apparently we seem to be very okay with this. i want to live like you do. does any of our bretheren wish to live too? it seems they do not.

  3. Leandra this is very thought-provoking and substantive to people in America especially rising up and being a part of the solution. In my opinion first at home and then overseas. I have never understood (however have been guilty of it) trying to fix the problems in someone elses home when mine is not in order. We all have a part to play. Let’s choose life.

  4. You know…I’ve actually never had a problem with that idea, mostly because my thought process is this: from the perspective of economics, and accordingly (in most cases) education–or at least access to education and information–we need to be helping those that don’t have access to the information we do. Not in a way that creates a dependency; but helps to build their capacity to be self-sustainable and self-sufficient.

    For me, it’s imperative that I leave this country. I’m an anal ambivalent American. There’s a lot of internal conflict about this country for me, but because I’ve yet to immerse myself in another culture, I’m not clear on what qualities of our culture I like or that are so entrenched in my personality that I’m not even aware of them.

    Sometimes, I think that by gaining an awareness of that contrast, I can, in essence, ‘fix’ myself. I think the word ‘fix’ is an excellent choice because the US perspective and culture definitely needs some repairing; it’s self-destructive. Ecologically, biologically, socially, spiritually, politically… It’s not sustainable. It’s full of inefficient systems and there’s so much pressure and resources devoted to the maintenance of those inefficient systems.

    People always say “why don’t you go into such and such and you can change it from the inside.” I’m not interested in that. I’m not interested in repairing fundamentally dysfunctional systems; I’d rather create an alternative that’s ideally not dysfunctional, but chaos is an inevitable part of life, so maybe then one that’s at least much less dysfunctional.

    I don’t have an strong interest in “fixing” the United States because I think it’s full of pseudo-progressive people who have stake in the maintenance of the status quo…or at least strongly believe they do. Education is the root of everything and we’ve handed that over to the government, so what type of education are we to honestly expect?

    I don’t feel like a citizen here. My stake is in the relationships I’ve developed here, but there are more people in the world that don’t live in the US so I don’t really cling to the argument of emotional attachments. I once read that “the world is too big to sit in one place and suffer.” So I won’t. I seek to go to a community or country that wants to develop sustainably (ecologically, socially, economically) and share my resources and capabilities with them.

    The world needs both types of people though, so…it’s all good. 🙂

  5. Noel…to respond to you…we have to start locally on a broad scale. Collective acts of organized disobedience. Abandon systems that seek to maintain oppression, including and especially the current government arrangement and media. ??

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