What My World's Like

When you think you have nothing…


You’ve got life…

Nina Simone



…are amazing.  Tonight, I checked my voicemail (no, I don’t do it regularly) and listened to a message from my pals Harry and Ashley that truly lifted my spirit.  :)  Thanks guys!

Texas isn’t a torture chamber, but it’s not really spectacular either.  To add to the lack of interesting things for me to do is immobility.  Or…perhaps it’s immobility that provides me with fewer options.  Eh…whichever.  Doesn’t matter much considering I’m not getting a car.

Being geographically unstimulated means that I rely more on electronic means of entertainment.  The problem with that…is that I already have an addiction.  Had an addiction.  Now, I have a mega addiction and an incredibly short attention span.

This makes me think of saKiya’s “talent, skill, discipline” from Think, Think, Think, and Think Again:

“It takes talent to get a tryout, skill to make the team, and discipline to win championships.  Most are born with some type of talent… Unfortunately, most don’t take the time to develop their talents into skills and even less of them become disciplined in it.  What good is it to take the time to develop a talent into a skill and never become discipline enough to know the how/when/where/why to apply it to its fullest?”

[Silent growl]

Yep…that’s me with the talent.  Guess I should use this “boredom” to develop some skills and discipline, yeah?

If I leave Texas with both, I’d be a happy camper.  To keep me focused, I might be relying on some of my pals until I have the discipline to rely on no one but me.  ;)  Yeah???

What good is anyone in your life if they can’t help you?  Thank you, you’re welcome.  Go after the win-win.

What My World Sounds Like: Ray LaMontagne


Make that old Ray LaMontagne, as I haven’t been doing much perusing around his recent catalog. I have the second studio album, but haven’t paid it much attention, choosing instead to stay with his 2004 Trouble. What a great album. A little folksy. Definitely some blues. Smothered in a smooth, rustic voice. Makes for happy ears.

Enjoy these two selections.

“Hold You In My Arms”


CHALLENGE: What’s good?


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
– Robert Byrne

What are you doing? What good is inspiring you? What good are you creating to inspire others?

Minimal justice


I thought it was funny


…and if you read my blog, you might too.

How McCain rationalizes being able to manage the stress of a presidency, I simply have no idea. It takes a toll on the average relatively healthy 50 year old. Those words do not describe John McCain. They just don’t.

Spiritual depression?


Good in the world


Good in the world, good in the world, good in the world…

That is supposed to be my focus, yeah?

Yes…so I need to get focused.

I lose faith in people right around this time.  I’d say from January to December every four years especially, this being one of those years.  It’s then that the worst qualities of humans are most evident, that’s not to say that they aren’t any other time.  I think it can be such a deeply personal time for everyone that those qualities just become apparent.

“I want this so…”

“I believe people should…” so you’ll vote for an war-monger despite all the other jacked up policies that come with the four consensual, nonpartisan plans the candidate has.

Geez…it’s not a good time to put your trust in people.  Or in a process that has long ago been decidedly ineffective for achieving its supposed goal.

That said…I need an upper and I’m sure you do too.  Let’s see here…

Radiant Amar – The World

Common – Resurrection

Flickerstick – Chloroform the One You Love
(it’s funny…only if it remains a song, people)

Lauryn Hill – Tell Him

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Robin Thicke – Flowers In Bloom

Emancipator – Anthem

We’re often criticized for our weaknesses and not praised for our strengths. Find out your strengths and move in that direction. Read Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder 2.0.

Favorite line so far: “You cannot be anything you want to be – but you can be a lot more of what you already are.” I dig it.

And finally…ninjitsu! Or something related to it. I never think about stretching my hands. Hmm…happy finger weaving.

The game…


Electronic voting machines are thought to be safer. Yeah…right.

Tina Fey’s third bullseye