Your unique road. “You can do it!”

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Last night, I got an email from a cyberfriend that really warmed my heart. In my response, I found myself speaking not just to him, but also to myself. That happens frequently when I give advice.

If I can offer some advice, I’ll say follow your heart. Since college, I’ve lived in New York, Chicago again, California, Philly, and now I’m in San Antonio and will be moving at the conclusion of this program.

There are moments when I feel lost and like I’m wandering, but I’m not. Don’t be afraid to try on new hats…but don’t be afraid to take them off should you find they don’t fit as you hoped they would. Don’t be afraid to live your life as YOU see fit. Don’t be afraid to avoid the paths others take, even if “everybody” is doing it. Follow your path. Listen to your truth. Learn and know your truth. All the while, stay humble and open. You’ll be okay…but know that finding your joy and place in this world requires you to be true to yourself and do what you’re doing right now…PUSHING yourself. You can’t get something you’ve never had without doing something you’ve never done.

Right now, life is falling into place…even as I criticize it in my confusion, pain, fear and angst. I’m onto something and standing at the brink of discovering my greatness.  I’m starting to follow my bliss and beginning to understand the rewards that come with doing so.  Passion = Purpose.  Do you know yours?

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What My World Sounds Like: “Wheel”

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Gotta love John Mayer. Young with an old soul and a wise mind. Then, there’s the buttery voice and the candid songwriting that always seems to hit it on the nail. “Wheel” is about the cycle of love…it ends, it begins…it’s there.

John Mayer – “Wheel”



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Because it’s good for your health. So says Brit government advisor, Jane Plant, in this Telegraph article.

D’Angelo – “I Found My Smile Again”


If love isn’t your reason, I challenge you to find one. What’s yours?

What My World Sounds Like: Solange

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I wanted to hate on Solange, but with this new album, I can’t. Brooklynite Machine Drum remixed her “Sandcastle Disco” a while ago and it’s a sheer delight to my ears.

Solange – “Sandcastle Disco Machine Drum remix”


I’m inspired!

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Last week, I was fortunate enough to see a screening of Revolutionary Road and immediately came to some conclusions about myself and my life. Some have said that this movie is depressing. I have to say that I found it inspiring because the life they led was depressing. For the person that’s fixed on the idea of living as they see fit or for the one with ambitions of an extraordinary life, Revolutionary Road urges you to get on course ASAP. Two young lovers set on having remarkable lives outside of “the hopeless emptiness” look up oneday and find that their existence is mundane, trite, and dull. He was too scared to go beyond what he knew to find his true niche, while she felt trapped by the 1950s conventions.

I realize how much I’ve let fear and insecurities impede my ability to move forward with following my passions and doing what I want to do, ultimately, to allow me to have the life I want. If I maintain course as Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, I’ll be just like him or his wife…scared, stuck, and miserable. I find neither fate acceptable.

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