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Finding the transformative moment


And nothing gets done.

I just found out that my loan forbearance request for my government loan while I’m doing a government program was denied because, at the time, the loan was in deferment. Not that it couldn’t have been taken out of deferment to be put in forbearance. So now it’s 74 days delinquent. They report to credit agencies after 60 days.

No one informed me.

I hate the government.

Incompetence and apathy are a dangerous combination.

There is a bit of a transformative moment in this for me though.  In realizing how the intentional inefficiency on their end negatively affects me, I began to wonder how not performing my best at my job negatively impacts the population I work with.

How does not performing up to par hurt the people I’m supposed to be helping?

That’s a question we should all ask ourselves.

2 Responses to Finding the transformative moment

  1. OMG that JUST happened to me too in January but I did the forbearance just in time.

  2. You pose an excellent question regarding one’s personal accountability for one’s behavior. That which is applicable not just for the work place, but in our daily lives…

    How does “our” action or inaction affect the lives or outcome of others actions, inaction, emotions, …behaviors, etc?

    Consequently, how do they (those who have come in contact with “us”), then act towards others… Are we creating negative or positive chains of outcome?

    With your personal situation it is apparent you were affected negatively through another’s actions, however I admire that you were able to find such a crucial lesson in it, using your circumstance as a mirror for self-reflection. 🙂

    that’s what’s up!

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