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I’m co-hosting We Think Radio!



Tonight is a special night for me as We Think Radio premiered at 11/10 pm EST/CST. I co-hosted with best selling author j. saKiya Sandifer.  Naturally, it was thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining.  The purpose was simple: to spark those seeking to create a positive change in their lives.

We discussed special needs children, valid reasons for having children, the selfishness/selflessness of creativity, and justifiable “domestic violence.”

In case you missed it, hear it now:

2 Responses to I’m co-hosting We Think Radio!

  1. Denise Williams

    CONGRATULATIONS! You go girl! I will tune in. Again, congrats! With love and respect, Mom

  2. Hi!!! How exciting. I will try to tune in if I am still awake (11 is past my bedtime). I know that you will be captivating, exciting and add in a little bit of “Leandra” humor. Have fun!!

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