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Do you build or destroy?


TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

TONIGHT’S TOPICS: We discussed constructing/building versus destroying, the spread of misinformation, examples of how easy it is to spread misinformation (smile), education, AIG, and random illogics such as “free gift” and “new and improved.”


One Response to Do you build or destroy?

  1. Great show! Good discussion. I especially liked the way you enlightened the listeners about the education system in our country. You mentioned that from your experience, it was about “obedience” and has nothing to do with improvement or contributing to change in our society. I couldn’t agree with you more. As an educator, I often struggle with this twisted dynamic: Teachers as the “control” and students as the “mindless obedient followers.” Memorization and performing on diagnostic/state/year-end assessments are stressed, yet critical thinking and problems solving are discouraged. Our system of education has evolved into a social reproduction machine. Minorities, especially in the inner city are marginalized. Those who show free and independent thought are labeled as “trouble makers.” It’s a shame. Thank you for your unique insights.

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