We Think Radio: Let’s talk about drugs…

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TOPIC: Drugs: Why are they illegal?  Which illegal drug has the biggest pros and cons if it was ever to become legal?  And what legal drug is possibly as harmful as what’s illegal now?  Be sure to join us tonight!

“We’ve gotta be calm”

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give thanks

There was a time when I was really intrigued by the idea of fate. Thought it was sealed, and that it was, at least for me, a bad thing. The idea of having no control was quite bothersome to me. After several questions and revisits, I’ve decided that I still believe in fate, although I’ve found a way to reconcile things that are “supposed” to happen with making things happen. I think everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes. Not always actively, anyway.

Last week, I was leaving Philadelphia on my way back to Texas. The check-in line wasn’t that long and I had an hour and a half before my flight so I figured we’d breeze right through. Well, not so much. About twenty minutes passed, and I was virtually still in the same place. The annoyance was beginning. There had to be about 12 kiosks. None of them worked. There were three to four attendants checking people in and no explanation as to why the same people being served then were the same people who were being served when we first got in line.

As more time passed, anxiety crept in. What was going on? It doesn’t take this long to check in. With each passing minute, my patience, barely existent to begin with, wore thinner. My friend, always much cooler than me, urged me to relax, but I couldn’t take it. Eventually, my stomach tightened and my breath shortened. It was at this point that I really began to lose my cool. I wasn’t causing a scene or anything, but definitely became unpleasant to the person I was waiting with.

When we finally reached the front of the line, I realized what the problem was and it was so simple that I was quickly embarassed by my previous attitude. I was flying AirTran, whose hub is in Atlanta. The weather there was pretty bad, so all incoming and outgoing flights were delayed. The attendants were trying to reroute passengers to different cities.

After I got to the counter, I was informed that I could either stay in Philadelphia one more night or stay the night in Atlanta and fly out the next morning.  I have friends in Atlanta, so the prospect of staying overnight didn’t bother me.  I texted them both to see if they’d be able to pick me up and take me to the airport the next day.  A few minutes later, I had a “yes” from my friend LT, whom I haven’t seen in 3 years.  The ticket was booked and I hung out in Philly for a few more hours.

Once I got to Atlanta and met up with LT, I told him about what happened.  He said, “We’ve gotta be calm.”  We spent the rest of the evening talking, catching up.  In the morning, he had a play for preschoolers.  I’ve never seen any of his shows, so I was happy to be able to go.  After the play, we dashed to the airport and I caught my flight back to San Antonio.

It’s true: we’ve got to be calm.  In my case, everything worked out.  Actually, it always does.  I just don’t know how in the moment.  I would’ve never imagined my trip to New York and Philadelphia would’ve included a side trip to Atlanta, allowing me to hang out with a friend I’ve scarcely been in contact with.  I had an enjoyable evening and learned a few things about myself.  Hopefully, next time, I’ll remember to be calm.

carpe diem!

* I snagged these photos from LT’s house.   Loved his house.

Tune in tonight to We Think Radio

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TOPIC: Join us as we discuss if there’s such a thing as a genuine consensual relationship (business or personal) that involves abuse.

Pass the message: smile

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Giving and receiving a genuine smile always makes me feel better. Find something to smile about right now. Cheers!

We Think Radio: “I love you two”

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DATE: April 15, 2009
TIME: 10pm/9pm EST/CST
WHERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TheThinkMovement
CALL-IN #: (347) 237-5362

TONIGHT’S TOPICS: Tune in and join the discussion as we examine polyamory, the practice of having multiple open romantic relationships. Who’s built for it? Is it the ideal? Is marriage overrated or antiquated?

What My World Sounds Like – “Digging a Ditch” & “I love you”

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been neglecting doing some necessary “releasing.” I’ve learned that in order to find the good, obviously, we have to let go of the perceived “bad”, i.e. regrets from the past, anxious worries about the future, self-imposed limitations, etc.

On my way home from the gym, I turned to Dave’s Busted Stuff. In addition to the lyrics and the mood of this song, I absolutely adore the saxophone played by the late LeRoi Moore.

Dave Matthews Band – “Digging a Ditch”

Run to your dreaming
When you’re alone
Unplug the TV, turn off your phone
Get heavy on with digging your ditch

Cause I’m digging a ditch where madness gives a bit
Digging a ditch where silence lives
Digging a ditch for when I’m old
Digging this ditch my story’s told

Where all these troubles
That weigh down on me will rise
Run to your dreaming
When you’re alone
Where all these questions
Spinnin’ around my head
Will die, will die, will die…

Run to your dreaming
When you’re alone
Unplug the TV, turn off your phone
Get heavy on with digging your ditch

Cause I’m digging a ditch where madness gives a bit
Digging a ditch where silence lives
Digging a ditch when I am through
Digging this ditch I’ll dig in for you
Where all these worries
Weigh it down on me will rise
Where all these habits
Pull heavy at my heart
will die

Run to your dreaming
When you’re alone
Not what you should be or what you’ve become
Just get heavy on with digging your ditch

Cause I’m digging a ditch where madness gives a bit
Digging a ditch where silence lives
Where all these dissapointments, grow angry out of me
Will rise…
Will die…
Will die…
Will die…

Run to your dreaming
When you’re alone
Unplug the TV
And turn off your phone
Get heavy on with digging your ditch

As a bonus, enjoy the lovely sound of Esthero. This woman’s voice is amazing. If we were around each other and she decided to sing all day, I’d let her. She’s that good. Kudos to her for the line, “There might have been a face before, but it was never as beautiful as yours.”

Esthero – “I Love You”

Hunger = poor thought process

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After a work out, typically, a ravaging hunger awaits me. Tonight, I came in and ripped open a pack of tuna while I checked my email. I laid the packet of tuna down on my desk only to discover minutes later that all the juice in the packet spilled all over my new magazine.

The lesson: I can’t multitask when I’m hungry.

Apparently, I can’t think either. Read about another hunger snafu.

I’d just come from the gym. Opened the fridge, and pulled out a new carton of large cage-free brown eggs. Poured olive oil in the wok and turned it on. Open the carton of eggs, pulled one out, cracked it and opened the shell, allowing the contents to drop into the wok. Reached into the carton to pull out another egg, except the shell broke, spilling over into an empty compartment. I removed the pieces of the shell, put my hands over as many eggs as I could, knowing I couldn’t cover all of them, but for some reason continuing with the plan of transferring the egg in the carton into the wok. As the cracked egg fell into the wok, an egg that my hand wasn’t covering dropped right out of the carton and onto the carpet. I looked at it and finished cooking. Sprinkled a little salt and a little 21 spice seasoning on them. When they were finished, I put them on my plate, sat down and started eating. After about four bites, I thought, “I guess I should clean that up now.” My very next thought was “why didn’t I turn off the wok and clean up the egg right after it fell?” It never occurred to me. Priority number one was eating.

As I cleaned up the egg, I played back the scenario and came to an interesting conclusion:

While I agree that students at schools in low-income areas don’t necessarily have adequate resources to perform well, I’m convinced that many of them don’t perform well because they can’t think. Because they’re hungry!

That said, please support your local food bank. Many of them have the BackPack program that discreetly provides children with backpacks of food for consumption over the weekends and during vacations. It’s a wonderful program. The San Antonio Food Bank also participates in this program. Volunteers are always needed at food banks, as well as, well…food and money. Please be aware that the food bank has greater purchasing power than the average consumer. For instance, $1 is worth $13 if the San Antonio Food Bank purchases the food. Give what you can or do what you can, even if that’s simply spreading awareness.

Let’s feed the children. People can’t think when they’re hungry…at least some of us can’t.

Keep it moving…

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What are your “limitations”?

Image source: Imperfect Action, “How bad do you want it?”

Challenge: Find the good in where you are

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Right now, I live in San Antonio. Been here for about seven months and can’t say that it’s been the most exciting time of my life. I can say that it’s been a very therapeutic time for me. Not too long ago, I realized that everywhere I’ve lived has served a different purpose for me, acted as a sort of theme, if you will. I was raised in St. Louis, which served as the framework for my understanding of the world. In Chicago, I really grew into my own. Became more of that which I already was. I moved to New York and really began to understand my work ethic. If I care, I’m all in. If I don’t, I’m pretty much out. The second time I was in Chicago was the most broke and probably depressing time of my life. I realized that I needed to make some changes. When I moved to California, I began to make some of those changes. Insights about my family structure of my childhood, or the lack thereof, became clear to me. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Philadelphia and the overarching theme of that period was love. L-O-V-E. As is the case with many relationships, my beau at the time served as a mirror for me, allowing me to see myself as I was and decide which changes I wanted to make. My time in Texas has been very introspective. Not a lot of activity, but necessarily so. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to grow the way I have in this time if I were in a city that really had my attention. So, yes, I’ve been ‘stranded’ on the West side of San Antonio, but I’m better because of my relatively dull evenings and weekends indoors.

Operating with the understanding of why I’m in Texas, in terms of the larger theme of healing, has been incredibly helpful. I no longer hate being here or think I made a mistake in moving here. Very often, we condemn parts of our lives because we don’t understand their purposes.  Everything can be used.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Meaning is never inherent; it’s always created.  Find the value in the experiences you’ve had and the experiences you’re having right now.  If you haven’t done this already, it will change the way you understand your world.

Find the good.

Help starts at home

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Sometimes, I get all these big, fancy ideas and I’m so broad-thinking that I forget about what’s closest to me. “Help starts at home” comes to mind. For weeks, I’ve been talking about how I’d love to mentor more frequently than I do. I currently give one hour a week to a girl I just met, yet call my brother once every few weeks. Backwards. Ridiculous, really.

Mentoring, for me, is such a valuable relationship that allows me to understand the world of the youth today, the people who will one day be the ones in charge, while sharing the best of what I’ve learned with them. It truly is a mutually rewarding relationship. After I began mentoring, I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much I want to positively impact young people. What I overlooked, though, is that there is someone already in my life who needs my attention. Someone I can impact so much more simply because of the current standing of our relationship. He’s my brother.

I will sing the benefits of mentoring to anyone who’ll listen, which might not be that many people if I actually decide to sing them. Some may complain about not having the time or the availability within the set hours mandated by some program or school district. However, I can’t stress enough how important it is to realize that there is something you can do right now. Single parents are not anomalies. Emotionally unavailable parents are not anomalies. Parents who just need help are not anomalies. I am more than certain that you know someone who fits into one of the three categories. You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment; it will pass you by. You don’t have to wait to find the perfect program. Pick a child that’s already in your life and choose to make an impact in that person’s life. You can start today. Undoubtedly, there is a child who needs you.

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