What My World's Like

Make a promise to yourself


These words are so strong that I have little to add to them. Let them impact you.


Source: vi.sualize.us

Great words…



Source: vi.sualize.us

The power of a moment



The other day, I read “the greatest mistake that you can make is to be afraid of making one.”

This very moment, right now, excites me. Its power is so dynamic and immense.

If you don’t like something, change it. If your thoughts don’t serve you, change them. If the shoe doesn’t fit, find another.

There’s so much power in a moment. It’s potential energy ready to transform into kinetic energy at our will, whenever we decide to take action.

We’re trained to live passive lives like they’re something to aspire to. Don’t reach for passivity and mediocrity; if nothing else, fail to it.

For me, part of finding the good is understanding the power of a moment. Knowing that it doesn’t last forever. If it’s painful, it’ll be over soon. If it’s enjoyable, know that you should cherish it because it, too, will expire. We live in the eternal moment of now. The future is now. Einstein told us that “everything you can imagine is real.” So imagine. Dream. Experience. Celebrate. Move in the direction you want to go in. Don’t resist change; that’s constant.

Start your action now.

“The secret of the creative life is often to feel at ease with your own embarrassment. We are paid to take risks, to look silly. Some people, like racing car drivers are paid to take risks in a more concrete way. We are paid to take risks in an emotional way.

The film critic is like a medical examiner. He gets the cadaver on the table, he opens it up, and tries to figure out why it died. The filmmaker is like the pregnant mother who is simply trying to nurture this thing. You have to keep the medical examiner out of the delivery room because he will get in there and he will kill that baby.”

– Paul Schrader, interviewed by Terry Gross, Fresh Air

What My World Sounds Like: The Funky Lowlives


I first heard The Funky Lowlives on Buddha Bar Vol. 2. After hearing their song “Notabossa” for the first time, I played it on repeat five or six more times. Great tune! The duo is comprised of Gary Banks and Jonathan Whitehouse. They’ve been producing together in Soho, London since 1998. Their music is jazzy, sexy…falls into lounge, downtempo, and electronic categories.


The Funky Lowlives – “Notabossa”

We Think Radio:



TONIGHT’S TOPICS: Join us on the discussion of “Death”. What do you think happens when a person dies? Is that it? Or is there more?

“There has never been nothing that came from something.”
– Robert Thurman, Indo-Tibetan scholar at Columbia University

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”
– Steve Jobs

“I believe nothing to be true if it cannot be proved. If you believe something,
then you don’t need proof of it, and if you have proof, you don’t need to believe it.”

– Maria Spiropulu, physicist at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva

There is a stark difference the attitudes and language of losers and winners. Losers defined as those who consistently do not get what they want out of life and winners as those who do consistently get what they want out of life.

“Positive continuous action is the best antidote to worry.”
– j. saKiya sandifer

Finding inspiration and then, myself


I’ve been in the trenches for a while…dealing with stuff…with me. Coming to terms with my self, my life, my honesty with myself about myself. Being faced with yourself, I suppose, is as painful as we allow it to be. Depends on our approach. Mine was kind of wack. Resistant. Well, change is the only constant. Try to fight it if you will. You will lose. All the time. Every time.

I crossed digital paths with a young lady yesterday who reminded me of a version of myself I forgot about. Last night, I sat down to thank her. It went a little something like this:


you’re brilliant. today, you’ve inspired me. not just on the hair tip, but just period. to be me. do me. live. love. move on. expand. experience.

i’ve been stuck in one place harping over the hurt of lost love, holding on as though letting go means my heart will never experience the joy it has before. once upon a time.

once upon a time, i used to write. not things that simply sounded nice, but expressed my emotions and put others in touch with theirs. today, i’ve reconnected with that. the part of me that was waiting to be rediscovered, so quietly, yet painfully waiting…

and finally, i arrive.

thank you. for being you. doing you. living. loving. moving on. expanding and experiencing. you definitely inspire. 🙂