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“We’ve gotta be calm”


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There was a time when I was really intrigued by the idea of fate. Thought it was sealed, and that it was, at least for me, a bad thing. The idea of having no control was quite bothersome to me. After several questions and revisits, I’ve decided that I still believe in fate, although I’ve found a way to reconcile things that are “supposed” to happen with making things happen. I think everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes. Not always actively, anyway.

Last week, I was leaving Philadelphia on my way back to Texas. The check-in line wasn’t that long and I had an hour and a half before my flight so I figured we’d breeze right through. Well, not so much. About twenty minutes passed, and I was virtually still in the same place. The annoyance was beginning. There had to be about 12 kiosks. None of them worked. There were three to four attendants checking people in and no explanation as to why the same people being served then were the same people who were being served when we first got in line.

As more time passed, anxiety crept in. What was going on? It doesn’t take this long to check in. With each passing minute, my patience, barely existent to begin with, wore thinner. My friend, always much cooler than me, urged me to relax, but I couldn’t take it. Eventually, my stomach tightened and my breath shortened. It was at this point that I really began to lose my cool. I wasn’t causing a scene or anything, but definitely became unpleasant to the person I was waiting with.

When we finally reached the front of the line, I realized what the problem was and it was so simple that I was quickly embarassed by my previous attitude. I was flying AirTran, whose hub is in Atlanta. The weather there was pretty bad, so all incoming and outgoing flights were delayed. The attendants were trying to reroute passengers to different cities.

After I got to the counter, I was informed that I could either stay in Philadelphia one more night or stay the night in Atlanta and fly out the next morning.  I have friends in Atlanta, so the prospect of staying overnight didn’t bother me.  I texted them both to see if they’d be able to pick me up and take me to the airport the next day.  A few minutes later, I had a “yes” from my friend LT, whom I haven’t seen in 3 years.  The ticket was booked and I hung out in Philly for a few more hours.

Once I got to Atlanta and met up with LT, I told him about what happened.  He said, “We’ve gotta be calm.”  We spent the rest of the evening talking, catching up.  In the morning, he had a play for preschoolers.  I’ve never seen any of his shows, so I was happy to be able to go.  After the play, we dashed to the airport and I caught my flight back to San Antonio.

It’s true: we’ve got to be calm.  In my case, everything worked out.  Actually, it always does.  I just don’t know how in the moment.  I would’ve never imagined my trip to New York and Philadelphia would’ve included a side trip to Atlanta, allowing me to hang out with a friend I’ve scarcely been in contact with.  I had an enjoyable evening and learned a few things about myself.  Hopefully, next time, I’ll remember to be calm.

carpe diem!

* I snagged these photos from LT’s house.   Loved his house.

5 Responses to “We’ve gotta be calm”

  1. So true. We’ve gotta be calm. That’s my motto. I hate yelling or anything that gets my blood pressure worked up lol I’m all about that. Glad you see why 🙂

  2. I liked that story and the moral of it. I like to think that I am in control of my life and the direction it goes, but sometimes things beyond my control take place that offer a unexpected surprise that could be pleasant if I just remain calm and relinquish some control. It’s something that I am trying very had to be all the time…sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least I’m trying. Looks like staying calm worked out pretty great for you!

  3. LaDon Epperson

    well said. patience reside on the other side of hell. sometimes we have to go thru it in order to get patience.

  4. “Patience resides on the other side of hell.” Hmmph. Yep.

  5. D. Anthony Boone

    Lately I have been experiencing that same since of impatience, only to find that my journey has taken on a better route. It’s humbling, to say the least. It fortifies the ideal that there is a higher intelligence in the Universe guiding our higher self toward enlightenment. I’ve decided to be diligent about my course, but whenever applicable, to sit back and enjoy the in-flight movie of my life.

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