Lost and found

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Sometimes you have to lose yourself to truly find yourself.

We’re always going to go through things in life that challenge us, that put us face-to-face with the idea of ourselves that we have and the real version of ourselves that we’re being. Make it all worth it by taking from it all the lessons, all the good stuff, and dropping the rest. Don’t beat yourself up. If there was ever a time to be your own friend, it’s when you feel lost. Be honest with yourself. Decide what changes you want to make and why, then hold yourself accountable.

Personal power and self love

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v for vendetta

The topic of last night’s We Think Radio show was power. We asked with whom does power reside: people, industries/systems, or the government? Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that power should be with the people, but for various reasons, people don’t believe they have power, and accordingly, don’t. When people decide they do have power and begin to act with that power, there will be a monumental shift in the understanding of who wields the most power.

Power belongs to the entity or individual(s) with the least fear and/or with the ability to induce the most fear. Fear and power go hand-in-hand, the same way that fear and powerlessness do. When we, as individuals, no longer carry so much fear in our hearts, collectively, we will exercise the most power. Check out V for Vendetta.

After the show, I thought of a question I wish I’d thought of during the show: Maintaining one’s personal power doesn’t necessarily preclude a love of self, but can people truly love themselves and give away their personal power?

I don’t have an answer, but I’m sure you have some thoughts. Please share.

Power to the…?

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: POWER…ultimately who has it? The government, corporations or the people? Tune in and join the discussion. Tonight’s guest host will be Kwesi Ronald E. Harris of www.khepera.org.

What My World Sounds Like: Esthero

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Esthero, the pink pirate. The voice is nice. The lyrics are great. The attitude is adored. What’s not to like?

Listen and love.

Esthero – “When I Fall in Love”


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  1. loved ones
  2. love
  3. blessings
  4. sunshine
  5. fresh, clean drinking water
  6. music
  7. movies
  8. flip flops, and shoes in general
  9. spandex
  10. nice gyms
  11. being able to take showers for granted
  12. young people
  13. teachers
  14. artists
  15. peanut butter (make your own)

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We Think Radio is thinking about race

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Tune in and join our discussion on race — is it still a relevant issue that holds people back?  If so, what are some solutions?  The guest host for tonight’s show is fellow thinker, Preacher Moss of “The End of Racism Comedy & Lecture Tour”.

Be with the storms

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How to free yourself from the grip of storms? This is the only basic problem in this universe. The first thing is to become aware of it and stop regretting it. Like waves come and go, storms in your life too will subside. No one storm can be there for ever. One storm comes and subsides, another comes and subsides and it goes on. As the storm subsides, you experience that inner cool, soft, delicate aspect of yourself. In that space of calm, all the anxiety, fear, feverishness lose their grip on you and you become yourself again. Love dawns.

When you stop resisting the storms of life and start accepting them with open arms, they will subside on their own. That is the purpose of all spiritual practices, or sadhana, and meditation. When you realise that somebody really cares for you, you feel at rest and all fears and insecurities drop off.

You keep running away from small things — your feelings, sensations, desires — and this leads to more feverishness. Realize that like the ocean cannot be there without the waves, storms are inevitable in your life. Every storm touches you somewhere and makes you grow stronger. A storm pulls you out of your likes and dislikes and purifies you. So accept all that comes with both arms open. […] Even when the storms come, you are still the same ocean, as deep as ever.

This realization is the culmination of knowledge. When this knowledge dawns, you rise above events; you grow out of them. Everybody in the world goes through crises, insecurities, confusions. It’s like drowning in the ocean of life. But the person with the life jacket can survive even the worst turmoil. So keep your life jacket of knowledge handy.

[…] Do not be in a hurry to get rid of the storms, be with them. Looking for perfection creates imperfection inside you. If you are peaceful, everything around you becomes peaceful. You are the center of this universe. Wherever you go, you carry your own mind, and wherever you go, you will create your own storms. It may appear to be calm and quiet for sometime but the storm will surface sooner or later. Unless you realize this, nothing will hold. There is no other permanent solution. Don’t resist the storms, instead see them as an amazing play of your personality.

–Sri Sri Ravishankar

Source: iJourney.org

Reconsidering opposition: heroes and villains

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ultimate wolverine vs hulk cover
Wolverine’s victory has to be pretty sweet.

Dating a comics illustrator hipped me to a few things. Something I heard several times that’s been having a recent impact in my life is that a hero is only as good as its villain. If the villain is cheesy and weak, accordingly, so is the hero. You wouldn’t consider Shaquille O’Neil to be particularly heroic or strong if he was up against a 150 pound guy and won. There’s an obvious and overwhelming disparity in size and strength. Flip the scenario around suddenly the situation changes.

Sometimes, the idea of opposition and competition is one that frightens us, causing us to choose “safer” plans. This method doesn’t allow us to experience our greatness, or even allow us to fail enough to succeed. In every perceived failure is at least one lesson that informs us of what we can improve upon. The greater the opposition, the greater the triumph. It means something to be No. 1 amongst strong competition.

The next time you consider shrinking into yourself at the thought of competing, think about how great the win will feel. If you happen to lose, take note of what you need to work on, and go at it again.

Challenge yourself.

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I post a lot of great things on Twitter that never make it onto this blog for a variety of reasons, namely brevity.  Because it’s amazing, I’m kind of in love with Twitter. To see my mini-blog feed, go to http://twitter.com/ElleEpiphany.

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A little bit of random: lessons learned

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