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Great words…


“Sometimes I win and sometimes, I learn. Loosing is for losers. I will not lose!”

Life is about choices


This was originally posted on November 9, 2007, but since so few of you have checked the archives, I felt the need to explore and expose. Enjoy.



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A topic about every body



TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Body Image – How and/or does it affects men and women differently? Why isn’t it discussed if body image issues are so prevalent? What are possible ways to overcome a negative body image?

Addendum: The University of New Hampshire has a pretty good brochure about transforming body image that lists some excellent starting points. During the show, I mentioned Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics and Creative Living for Today, as well as Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. I’m particularly fond of the 1999 gift edition. To that list, I’d also like to add Marcia Germaine Hutchinson’s Transforming body image: learning to love the body you have.

Be the best you and learn to love yourself as you are and in the process of becoming that “best you”. Get rid of beliefs and ideals that don’t serve you. They were created to serve someone; if they aren’t serving you, they aren’t for you, so why hold on? If you’re complaint about your body is something that is within your power to change, commit to changing it, but it’s not necessary to be compulsive or unloving to yourself in the process.

”We are so busy obsessing over what is wrong with us – whether it’s our weight, misproportion, wrinkles, pimples, excess hair or functional limitations – that we fail to develop our potential as human beings. If we could harness a tiny fraction of the energy and attention wasted in body hate and use it as fuel for creativity and self-development, just think how far we could travel toward our life goals.”
– Marcia Germaine Hutchinson




Press on


Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like your efforts go unnoticed. Discovering otherwise always produces a small boost.

“Just wanted to let you know that your mere existence makes the world a better place. Love your blog. Keep Smiling! Continue to inspire and the world will open up its greatness to you.”

Thank you, Gerard from Illinois. Made my day.

Life is a bunch of metaphors


road sign

I’ve been in a kind of pensive mood lately. Not much official writing, more listening to music, matching my mood, changing my mood…that sort of thing.

Last week, I found out I had to, once again, change rooms. This marks my third room since August. Only this time, I had to move across campus. Not exactly phenomenal news for me, but find the good, right? Bigger windows. More open floor space. Private bathroom. Okay.

I kept all that in mind, but remained relatively annoyed. Then, I had a revelation about someone dear to me who I now think might find their place in the future relegated to the past. It was a rather heartbreaking moment. My mind went back to my move, which sparked another epiphany: the move was representative of making changes. Letting go of the old because it’s comfortable and opening oneself up to what’s bigger and better. I decided that life is a bunch of metaphors and that I should pay attention.

New room. New phone numbers. Obviously, I’m supposed to be changing some things. Therefore…I am. After that realization, it was hard to look at the move with that same begrudging attitude I had before.

What is life trying to tell you right now?

What My World Sounds Like: “Lifetime”


Maxwell, thank you. Really. Thank. You. 😉

What My World Sounds Like: Dela & Liza Garza


dela 'changes of atmosphere

Amazing. That describes Liza Garza’s work to me. Her words here are hypnotic. I’ve played this song over and over again and my desire to hear it is never quite satisfied. At all.

Dela ft. Liza Garza – “Changes of Atmosphere Intro”

We Think Radio is thinking about feminism



TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Feminism! What went wrong? What went right? And most importantly, where do we go from here? Be sure to tune in and join the discussion.

What My World Sounds Like: The Foreign Exchange


The Foreign Exchange, for those who don’t know, is a group comprised on Little Brother’s Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay. They released their second album, Leave It All Behind, last fall with “Daykeeper” featuring Muhsinah as the first single. This song serenaded my ears several times this weekend.

“Take off the Blues” also made me happy. Turns out there’s a video to this one too.