Moving towards positivity and possibility

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Change starts with us; it starts within. I started What My World’s Like out of a desire and a need to continually see positivity and positive progression. That external change begins internally. There’s a reciprocal relationship between people and culture; each shapes the other. However, culture only changes when the people interacting with that culture change. If we desire to see a more sustainable, positive, and progressive culture, we need to become sustainable, positive, and progressive people, individually and collectively.

In his Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Brazilian educator Paulo Freire argues that the fully human act upon and transform their world.  He, at great length, discusses the cyclical nature of oppression as manifested via current pedagogies.  Oppressed people oppress.  Their idea of the fully human individual is their oppressor, so in an attempt to realize their full humanity, they become what they despised.  Just like with oppression, there is a cyclical nature to negativity, positivity, and possibility.  Negativity begats negativity, positivity begats positivity, and possibility begats possibility.

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Don’t be nice; be kind

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By Akaya Windwood

I recently facilitated a community meeting organized to address a spate of violence in a neighborhood here in Oakland, California. Roughly 200 people showed up—young people from the streets, grandmothers, school teachers, community activists, neighbors, and politicians. The gathering crossed lines of class, ethnicity, religion, gender, and race. There were many emotions in the room: grief, fear, hope, hopelessness, skepticism, sadness, and even some optimism.

As we began the meeting, I asked people to agree to be kind rather than nice. Truthfully, I was a bit hesitant to ask for this agreement, thinking that people would interpret it to mean that they couldn’t say what they needed to say or express “negative” feelings such as anger, outrage, or distress. I took the risk of asking for the agreement anyway, and was met with a big “yes” from the group. Everyone was tired of the old pattern of blaming and shaming, of finding fault with one another, and we needed a way to say difficult things without feeling hobbled by politeness.

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Publications focusing on possibility

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YES! Magazine is an ad-free, nonprofit publication that publishes all of its articles under the Creative Commons license to encourage reprinting and reposting .  YES! focuses on supporting the active engagement in building a just and sustainable world.  It’s pretty awesome.

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We Think Radio: for the love of living

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DATE: July 29, 2009
TIME: 8pm/9pm CST/EST
CALL-IN #: (347) 237-5362

TONIGHT’S TOPIC:  How long do you really want to live?  Tune in and join the discussion on why so many people maintain lifestyle habits they know aren’t beneficial.  Is it that they truly don’t want to live a long life?  Or maybe it’s something they think is unattainable because of their family’s history.

We could all use a little…

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Image source: NEED Magazine

Goodness in the blogosphere…

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CHALLENGE: foresighted retrospection

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Nothing lasts forever. While we know this, how much do we keep it mind as we move through our daily lives?

Recently, I’ve been contemplating the gross disintegration and looming demise of one of my most impactful relationships to date. As useless as it often is, regret sometimes enters my mind and I wonder how much time was wasted trifling over the more frivolous details as opposed to enjoying and celebrating the great aspects of the relationship. But what if you could use regret–beforehand?

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Embrace: saving the lives of babies

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Embrace is an infant incubator designed to save premature and low birth weight babies. Every year, 20 million infants around the world die because their families cannot geographically or financially access traditional incubators that cost up to $20,000.  To find out more about Embrace and how you can help, visit

“Do more than belong: participate.
Do more than care: help.
Do more than believe: practice.
Do more than be fair: be kind.
Do more than forgive: forget.
Do more than dream: work.”

– William Arthur Ward

We Think Radio: Who’s dateable?

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TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Are there any professions that you won’t date? A lot of ladies say no to gynecologists and men say no to strippers. Why is this so? Tune in and share your thoughts and experiences!

What My World Sounds Like: Priscilla Renea

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