Are you an ingrate?


I had a conversation with myself the other day that went a little something like this:

“I would like to have this, that and the other.  I would really appreciate that.”

“Would you?”

“Would I?  Ye—no.”

No.  As it currently stands, my record is precisely not to appreciate so many aspects of my life.  I’ll be very decisive about something I want, get it, and then complain about it or take it for granted.  Either way, there’s not a lot of actual appreciation.  True appreciation is more than an intellectual concept; it requires action.  It means to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on.

How much in your life do you “appreciate” without truly appreciating?  What can you do to express the importance of the things, people, and situations in your life, even if just to yourself?

Appreciate all the moments in your life; they serve a purpose.  Even if where you are–figuratively or literally–is just downright wack, understand that there is something  you can take away from that situation.  It’s up to you to determine what.  Find the good.

Appreciate the people you love.  Remember that ‘appreciate’ is a verb.  Don’t take any of them for granted.  This life moves fast.  You don’t know how long someone is with you on your journey beforehand, and if you really care, at the end, you’ll wonder where all the time went and how you could’ve utilized it better.  The only moment that ever exists is now.  Love now.  Appreciate now.  Take for granted never.

Hopefully, if someone asks, “are you an ingrate?” you can smile broadly and emphatically respond “not I” with pride.

To everyone I share my life with and have shared my life with, thank you.

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August 6, 2009 | filed under challenge, give time/money, pay attention 


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