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What My World Sounds Like: Machine Dreams


litle dragon 'machine dreams' album cover

Music is my lifeblood. Since May of last year, the Swedish quartet Little Dragon has been in constant rotation. Their album could be found on two of my iPods and every computer I frequently used–all four of them. Wherever I was, they weren’t far. Well after a year, I still get excited about hearing their debut album.

Imagine the width of the smile plastered to my face as I listened to their latest release, Machine Dreams.

“The title Machine Dreams seems obvious. These days, humans seem more and more like machines, and as technology evolves, machines feel more human and it becomes fuzzy and beautiful and science fiction-ish. We feel dependent on our machines to create and live, and their sounds reflect us”. – Yukimi Nagano

For your listening pleasure…

Little Dragon – “Runabout”

Little Dragon – “Feather”

Little Dragon – “Blinking Pigs”

As soon as it’s released, I’m buying.

4 Responses to What My World Sounds Like: Machine Dreams

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  2. Ever since you mentioned them coming to DC for a concert last winter G has been hooked! wait til I tell him.

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE LITTLE DRAGON! Don’t have this album, but I have the old one. And it’s DOPE!

  4. They’re genius. This second album is getting just as much rotation as the first did. I see it being with me for a while. 🙂

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