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Can you reduce your impact, be happy, and not go insane?


In 2007, New Yorker Colin Beavan embarked upon a dramatic project: reduce his environmental impact to zero. But it wasn’t just his project–he brought his family along for the ride. No electricity. Transportation limited to walking and biking. Buying nothing but locally grown food. No elevators.

The big question Beavan wanted to answer was could reducing his environmental impact lead to a happier life. The answer  he discovered was a resounding yes. During the process, he started a blog, which turned into a book, which turned into a movie and a nonprofit that seeks to help people lower their environmental impact.

The movie is doing a screening circuit right now and looks pretty entertaining.  After seeing this, I wonder if I could do it.  The trailer doesn’t address how he wrote a blog without electricity. I’m curious because there are certain things in life I’m not entirely willing to give up.

Here’s the invitation to participate in the No Impact Experiment for one week:

There’s something almost zen about this project. Countless tales rave about the joys of simplifying. Perhaps it’s time to embark upon that path.

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