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get up when you fall

Just a short reminder: it’s not how many times you fall that matters, but how many times you get back up. 

Living is synonymous with risk. There is a risk in everything, including in the so-called ‘sure bets’ and paths of least resistance. Nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes we risk happiness trying not to risk loss. And sometimes we lose both anyway. But when you fall, get back up. When your spirits drop, pick them up. When you’re surrounded by darkness, be the light and shine bright.

Always remember that there’s purpose in everything. Find the good.

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Mayer Hawthorne – “The Ills”

Baby’s born
And father’s gone
Can’t live with what he’s done
You know now mama’s told
She can’t afford
to raise her son

You know the ills of the world
They can get you down
You know the ills of the world
They can get you down
But then we get back up

We’re down in New Orleans
The city screams
A lot of black and white
And when the levees broke
Sink or float
Good people lost their lives
You know that they needed aid
They hoped and prayed
But it was just too late
And now the families cry
They know inside
Didn’t have to be that way

You know the ills of the world
They can get you down
You know the ills of the world
They can get you down
But then we get back up

2 Responses to Rebounding

  1. Leandra,

    For what it`s worth, today I found the good and am inspired. =)

    I don’t usually comment on blogs of random people. I came across your page as I was searching for lyrics to Mayer Hawthorne’s The Ills (there were a few I couldn’t quite catch and can’t find the cd case). I bought the cd on a whim after hearing Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out about a week ago. It wasn’t until today that I really sat down and really `heard` the lyrics to The Ills. They are so very appropriate…for anyone and everyone. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to let you know that I really appreciate your website. It and the lyrics are giving me the boost that I need right now…in various aspects of my life. I am generally positive for others, but for myself I have a tendency to be negative more often than I should be. I yo-yo between being negative and then trying to see the good. I’m afraid one day the negativity in me will take over. Some days it`s exhausting and difficult to remember and to be grateful for all that I have in life. So, thank you for this.

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