I could barely contain myself as songstress Nneka (pronounced neck-ah) introduced this live performance of “Heartbeat” at the World Cafe in Philadelphia. The authenticity of her musicianship and the sincerity of its messages are immediately evident. Confrontational and political, yet humane, Nneka’s music forces you to feel. Perhaps she embodies Bob Marley’s message of being able to cure hate and anger with music. Perhaps…

On February 2nd, Nneka will release her fourth studio album, Concrete Jungle. Listen and love.

Concrete Jungle is a collection of songs that put the singer/songwriter at the forefront. This album is an offering of love, hope and optimism dedicated to the people of Warri & the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Holding it all together is the emotional focus of her beautiful voice, located in a place somewhere between yearning and rage.

The daughter of a Nigerian father and a German mother, Nneka Egbuna was born in Warri, Oil City in the Delta region of Nigeria at the height of its new found wealth in the mid 70s.

For nineteen years she soaked up the sounds and rhythms of one of the most musical nations on the planet, a country where expressing yourself through song is just a part of everyday life, a country that has music in its very DNA, where the influence of giants like Afrobeat revolutionary Fela Kuti is never far away.

Source: The Official Nneka Site

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  1. Keisha on January 12th, 2010 9:48 pm

    Yes, girl! I was introduced to Nneka a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with her music. She is righteous! I will be purchasing this album and the previous. Thanks for sharing!

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