The power of programming

program yourself

On a daily basis, millions of messages are presented to us by outside entities wanting to define and control us. Nothing about this is new in our modern world, and as time progresses, our exposure only seems to increase.

Marketing relies on exploiting the fears, insecurities, and desires of potential customers to make them actual customers. This process doesn’t occur strictly within the context of the marketplace for goods; we can apply the same process to the marketplace for ideas.

We are bombarded with messages about who we are, who we should be, who we could be, what we can do, should do, and could do. Without much consideration to the truth, applicability, or consequences, sometimes we agree with the messages and restrict ourselves from living in full expression of who we truly are.

I recently read that four out of five Americans feel unsatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Why? Everyone has their reasons, but in my experience, I can say I believed I was less than what I really am. I believed in my dreams, but not myself.

Here enters the power of affirmations. Affirmations are essentially a declaration of something. Mostly, the term is used in association with fostering “positive thinking,” but an affirmation doesn’t have to be positive. “I’m stupid,” “I’m ugly,” and “I’m fat” are simple examples of common affirmations.

Replacing our negative and restrictive self-talk with messages that support growth, healing, and possibility are critical to happiness and fulfillment.

A little while back, I came across two affirmations I really liked. After a little modification, I put them together to create one super-affirmation:

Being me is a sacred honor, and today I treat it as such.
I lovingly forgive and release everything from my past.
I choose to fill my world with joy.
I love, forgive, and accept myself.

Feel free to adopt it as your own, although the credit essentially belongs to @AffirmationSpot and Louise Hay.

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