The Hero’s Journey (On Living in the World)

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By Joseph Campbell

Hero's Journey

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
What you have to do, you do with play.
Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it.
The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be.

Being alive is the meaning.

The warrior’s approach is to say “yes” to life: “Yea” to it all.

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.
When we talk about settling the world’s problems, We’re barking up the wrong tree.
The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess.

We are not going to change it.
Our job is to straighten out our own lives.
We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

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My life changed when I ate grapefruit

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As a child, I watched my grandfather eat grapefruit regularly. Eager to be like him, I requested to taste it, and hated it. What was wrong with the man?

A decade and some change later, I’d drastically changed the way I ate to manage my migraines. Processed foods had become a decreasing part of my diet, while natural foods became the foundation, so my taste completely changed. While perusing the grocery store for new foods, I found myself staring at a grapefruit.


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What My World Sounds Like: Bilal Salaam

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I just took the time to listen to Bilal Salaam. It was a good idea.

Here’s “Razor Tongue” off of his Langue De Rasoir (animated by TMelchishua), reminding us to be careful of the words we choose to use with others. The idea can be extended to how we talk to ourselves. Our words can create, build, destroy, hurt, and heal. Let’s be mindful.

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What’s your Soul’s Reflection?

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by Jessica Mann

Soul Reflection

I just thought about the concept, what if there were no mirrors? No reflections. No cameras to take pictures.

If we walked around, never knowing how we “looked,” would there be such an emphasis on the physical? On the material?

Would we be more inclined to work on enhancing our inner selves versus our outer shells?

Would how a person looks even matter, or would that concept be so trivial and unevolved? In this time, this reality of ours, as a collective, we spend most of our time –days and nights– focusing on enhancing everything on the outside, and barely any significant time on what’s inside…that which, from a universal perspective, in an ethereal sense, is what really has any relevance.

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For the women who need it

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Janine from Come On Sistas sent me this a while ago. I appreciate it. Sometimes, these are just the words we need to hear. Share with the beautiful flowers in your life.

India Arie “Beautiful Flower”

Happiness and self-love

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Last week, I served as a facilitator for an all-girl middle school retreat and presented a workshop on joy. It was such an awesome experience that really lightened my heart. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Considering my audience, I decided to create a workshop on happiness. Middle school was one of the most hellish phases of my life, with far-reaching ramifications that extended far beyond the secondary education phase. Well, it turns out middle school just might be hellish for a lot of folks. I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned with them in hopes of it being impactful, sticking, and prevent some of the self-esteem battering so many of us experience at that age.

Middle schoolers aren’t the only ones struggling to be happy, though, so I figured I’d post something about it.

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Fear of not mattering

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Perhaps you don’t know,
then, maybe you do,
about Stiltsville, and the Village,
(so strange but so true)

where people like we,
some tiny, some tall,
with jobs and kids
and clocks on the wall

keep an eye on the time,
For each evening at six,
they meet in the square
for the purpose of sticks,
tall stilts upon which

Stiltsvillians can strut
and be lifted above
those down in the rut:

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What My World Sounds Like: Unplugged

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The evening of March 10, 2002 was a glorious one. Despite this fact, I wouldn’t remember anything that happened that day had it not been for MTV airing Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged No. 2.0 that night.

I remember being completely engrossed, and when I watched it the next day, that excitement and wonder was still there. This work was a piece of underrated genius. There was so much raw honesty, truth and intensity. It’s a light in the darkness.

Lauryn encourages listeners to free their minds, see beyond the illusions, and heal. It’s hard to listen and not self-reflect: how free am I? how much do I truly see? how honest am I? what am i scared of? does my walk reflect my talk? how much of myself have I compromised? what have I compromised?

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“I love my body.”

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silhouette in ocean by jonathan charles

In a country where at least 67% of the population is overweight or obese, body dissatisfaction is extremely common and indeed fuels the $50 billion weight-loss industry. Additionally, since eating disorders and body dissatisfaction are no longer only associated with women, it’s not often we hear, or maybe even say, the phrase “I love my body.”

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A Book of Questions With One Answer

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A Book Of Questions With One Answer by J. Sakiya Sandifer

“The questions challenge the beliefs, morals and foundation of
“your world”…Sakiya proves his innovative talent as a
wordsmith and utilizes each word to its creative capacity.”

Melody Hoffman, JET Magazine

“The contents of this book possess a concept which is as vital
to the human mind as water and oxygen are to the human body.”

Harry O’Brien, Collingwood Football Club

All pre-orders will be shipped prior to release date of March 22, 2010, PLUS the first 250 fellow thinkers to order will receive a signed and numbered metallic ink cover edition.

To order, click ->


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