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Spotlight: Harry O’Brien



Australian footballer Harry O’Brien is not normal. He proudly subscribes to “no one normal has ever made history.” The more I interact with him, the more I’m inclined to agree that 1) he will make history 2) because he’s not normal. So maybe he’s right.

Harry’s perspective is cloaked in so much wisdom that his age of twenty-three intrigues and pleasantly surprises. With the visibility his profession allows, he’s able to touch many lives. He knows it and understands that to whom much is given, much is required. His “live for hope” motto isn’t a catchy phrase he uses on Twitter or on his site, Harry’s World, he lives it, finishing conversations and emails with it.

Harry is a Burnet Institute Youth Ambassador who engages young people in health issues that concern them. In 2008, he visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and his father’s homeland of Mozambique. Harry owns 20 hectares of land in Kinshasa, which he was asked to develop to support neighboring villages. In response to this request, Harry said, “I’m not 22 yet. One day I know I will have a lot of money, more than I can imagine. It won’t be today, it won’t be tomorrow, but it won’t be too long, and I will be back.”

Sure to have an increasing presence, Harry O’Brien is a person to know and a name to remember. To learn more about this fascinating young man, visit Harry’s World.

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