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For the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting back, watching and analyzing: myself, people, life. I’ve gained some insight and direction in the process. I spent some time walking around the city and in the burbs along Fox River thinking and seeing. Soon, but not quite yet, I’ll be ready to share more of those insights; I’m still processing. I encourage everyone to change scenery at some point for a bit–alone. Embrace your be-ing. Dissect your patterns. Explore your growth, or the lack thereof. Oh, and do something that just simply makes you happy.

My friend, Zubaer, got me hyped about photography all over again. I want his camera. Someone should give him a lot of money so he can afford to buy a new one, give me his, and still have some left. Yeah…that’d be cool.

Until that someone arrives in the picture, here are some pics I took with my not as good (but I’m still thankful for you) camera. I like that it’s just a hobby. No professional aspirations. Just something I enjoy.

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  1. Love it! The pictures really look wonderful. The one w the big open sky is so well composed. Goes to show you, it’s a lot more about the photographer than about the camera! Great work!

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