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What My World Sounds Like: new (to me)


Just a few words. Really, names. Osunlade. Damien Yazz. B.o.B.

Osunlade almost always feels good, if not great.  “The Day We Met for Coffee” was one of the first draws. I had to have listened to that song on repeat for 2 hours that day.

Then I heard this…

Osunlade – “Flow”

…and now I’m a fan. Undeniably.

Osunlade – “The Day We Met for Coffee (Afefe Iku Remix)”

buddha sunrise

Oneday, I happened upon an album called “Buddha Sunrise”. It’s really smooth, easy to listen to, great for work. There are really two standout songs that have captured most of the attention, one of which is Damien Yazz’s “In The City”. Easy to play over and over and over again. Enjoy.

Damien Yazz – “In The City (Hot Nights Mix)”


Creative, multi-dimensional hip-hop artists are right up my alley. The artists who are hip-hop, while simultaneously more expansive than hip-hop. Atlanta’s B.o.B is one such artist. I didn’t know what to expect knowing that he’s currently topping the charts with his radio-friendly “Nothing On You”, but that one song can’t shape your entire perspective of him. His debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, is incredibly ecclectic to the point of verging unfocused, but still solid. The man sings and plays the guitar, in addition to rapping. All of this is on the album. Two of my favorites are “Past My Shades” featuring Lupe Fiasco and “The Kids” featuring Janelle Monae, who it should be clear I love. 🙂

B.o.B – “Past My Shades” featuring Lupe Fiasco

B.o.B – “The Kids” featuring Janelle Monae

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