What My World's Like

Mind as creator



“What I see without is a reflection of what I have first seen within my own mind.
I always project into the world the thoughts, feelings and attitudes which preoccupy me.
I can see the world differently by changing my mind about what I want to see.”

– Gerald Jampolsky

And that’s what What My World’s Like is all about. “Find the good. Be inspired.” Acceptance is the path to transcendence. We have to accept where we are in order to rise above our circumstances. This works the same way with thought patterns. It wasn’t until I accepted my cynicism that I was able to start finding the good. I’m happy that it’s finally a way of life for me now. Like everyone else, I have my moments, but I always rebound and find the good.

If you’re having difficulty with going back and forth between pessimism and optimism and starting to feel a bit schizophrenic, it’s okay! You’re creating new neural pathways and that process takes time. You’re forging a new path in the forest, so be persistent; it’s just a habit.

Jampolsky’s quote about the mind as creator, however consciously, connects back to the concept of the shadow I discussed briefly last week. What’s inside comes outside. In order to transcend the issues caused by the shadow or shadow projection, we have to accept the shadow. Suppressing it is what created it’s darkness and density in the first place. Once we accept the shadow and integrate it into our persona, we will feel a shift in the world — a shift in our worlds, individually. Change what’s inside and you will change what’s outside. Find the good…with a smile.

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