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Who are you and where are you?



Pay attention to the lessons in your journey. Be still, be quiet, be patient and you will find that your life and your body teach you more than you may know.

Many of us grow up believing it’s necessary to hide or deny parts of ourselves for acceptance: for our self-acceptance and for everyone else’s. Clearly, this logic is flawed. Nothing is more important to acceptance, whether internal or external, than self-honesty about who you are and where you are. Maybe you’re vulnerable, scared, needy, insecure, lonely, unhappy, into “strange” things “no one else” is into, a “geek”…whatever. How can you ever truly connect with yourself or anyone else without honoring your truths? You can’t so it’s ridiculous to even try.

We are all works in progress. Continually becoming. The more we hide ourselves, the more we isolate ourselves–mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Who are you and where are you? No one deserves an answer to that question more than…you.

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3 Responses to Who are you and where are you?

  1. Recently I’ve adopted the attitude that ‘where there is nothing to hide there is nothing to fear’. There is nothing more courageous than standing on the truth of who and what you were created to be regardless to whom or what. Authenticity is Beautiful. (HighRoadism)

  2. Mark van den Berg

    You are such an inspiration in many ways.
    Sometimes I wish I could come up with words like that unfortunately I didn’t. I live in the Netherlands but I am sure my journey would not end here. Sometimes I am a isolated person because I am having a hard time trusting people.

    Thank you.

    Mark van den Berg.

  3. marie-christine

    I can see the link!:)

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