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“It’s winter. Hibernate. Go inside.”

This is how I think.

Therefore, I’m going inside.

On a train ride to work last week, I noticed how plugged-in I was. iPod. Blackberry. Kindle. Then, I looked up and realized how plugged-in almost everybody was, in some way.

There never seems to be enough time in the day, to the point that relaxation and doing absolutely nothing seem indulgent, even disgraceful. Always something to do, clean, cook, see, hear, taste, etc.

We’re always giving away our attention, often at our demise.

When’s the last time you were still and quiet? Alone with your thoughts and feelings, seeking the understand the dynamic interplay between the two? I can’t say. I try, but I’ve yet to make it a regular practice, a long-term, integrated part of my life.

Because I’ve yet to do so, I’m embarking upon a 21 day meditation challenge. It’s a guided meditation program offered by the Chopra Center that introduces listeners to several different types of meditations. Chiming in at about 15 minutes each, they’re short enough for me to easily incorporate into my day.

So 21 days of guided meditation. I’m also considering only listening to relaxing instrumental music or jazz. Both tend to calm me and cause me to think more about my life in relation to the feelings and thoughts the music evokes. Maybe there won’t be anymore waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, only to be slightly awakened by the hook of some song that’s otherwise great…but not at 6:30 in the morning when you’re half-awake.

Join me if you will. I’m turning 28 soon. I’ve been wanting to step away from other people’s energies and really dig into my own. It’s time to finally do this. If you’ve had a similar urge, I challenge you to take the plunge now. Three weeks, infinite rewards.

Pretty psyched.



I typed this post in its entirety, as I have begun listening to the Chopra Center’s Winter 2010 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Right after submitting this post, I went to the Chopra Center site and found the registration for this year’s winter challenge. Instead of the original 21 days, I suppose I’ll be doing 30 by continuing with last year’s until this year’s begins. Sweet.

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