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What My World Sounds Like: Mingus Big Band – “Moanin'”


I’ve been a fan of jazz composer, bassist, and pianist Charles Mingus for some time now, but I’ve just discovered a new song via the Mingus Big Band, a group of New York musicians who specialize in Mingus’ compositions.

“Moanin'” is from the 1993 Nostalgia in Times Square. Listen to this song! It enraptures you. Jazz requires attention. Quintessential cool.

2 Responses to What My World Sounds Like: Mingus Big Band – “Moanin'”

  1. Well this certainly was the right afternoon for me to stumble across this one. Charlie Mingus & Keter Betts put me in Bass Heaven.

  2. This song is so amazing. I find myself playing it over and over again. Actually, I liked it so much, I had to make a special trip to see the Mingus Big Band perform live. Put me in Concert Heaven. 🙂

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