reason to smile…

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“The universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation.”
– Vartan Gregorian

ending the war: “i love you still.”

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Recently, I asked “do you talk about things that matter?” and today I experienced one of the most emotionally honest conversations I’ve ever had. Topics ranged from absentee fathers, sex, eating disorders, rape, molestation, relationships, education, socialization, etc. It was genuine, cathartic, comforting, inspiring and beautiful. So many times throughout the evening, I found myself smiling, feeling connected and understood as we discussed highly privatized events and feelings.

Sitting with this beautiful woman who spoke so candidly about her life, I felt inspired and reinvigorated, reminded that neither our stories nor our struggles are our own. We will all experience trials, intense pain, and loss. We will all walk with fears, insecurities, and moments of doubt. We will all struggle with some degree of feeling fragmented. These are inextricable parts of the human experience, but if you let pain harden your heart instead of soften it, you’ve missed the point.

As of two days ago, I made an important decision based upon a startling revelation. I’m ending the war with myself.

My #notetoself yesterday was:

“stop waging war with the one person who will always be there for you: yourself.
love is accepting, patient, and kind.”

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Great words…

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“I believe in myself, so I’ll bet on myself.”
– Anthony Mackie

Spotlight: Lupe Fiasco

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It’s highly likely you’ve heard of Lupe Fiasco, so it might seem odd that I’m spotlighting him after he released his third album, five years after his debut. Watching this interview on the Tavis Smiley show reminded me of how much I like him and why. What’s remarkable about the release of his latest album, LASERS, is that fans orchestrated a protest to force Atlantic Records, to give LASERS a release date, which the label was planning to shelve. Here, Lupe discusses the depression and suicidal thoughts he faced during this period, how he came out of it, as well as the creativity/business battle. It’s a really good interview.

Lupe Fiasco – “Beautiful Lasers (2 ways)”

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do something you’ve never done.

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By the time I was twelve, I knew I wanted to be a traveler. Not a regional vacationer, but an around the world, “I’m onto my next passport” global citizen. Twelve must have been an important year, as I recall “knowing” a lot about myself then. At any rate, I wasn’t in the position to make such a desire reality.

Two and a half years ago, I made a big deal out of getting my passport. There was a sense of urgency, although I can’t recall why. Two and a half years later, that small ID booklet has served relatively no use for me. Until today.

After spending the weekend researching, I booked flights to Barcelona, Spain and Bologna, Italy. The picture above is supposed to be Barcelona. It looks like a vivid dream. In due time, I’ll let you know if it’s real.

Having finally taken the steps to realize this dream, I can’t help but to feel excited, anxious even. It’s as if I’m on the cusp of a very pivotal moment. I’m crossing the threshold, taking action to actualize my dreams.

The results of this tiny, yet major, step will only reveal itself in time, but I know the ramifications will be positive. So, attending my own lecture, I say to us: do something you’ve never done.

I’m going to Spain! I’m going to Italy! Yes!!!! 🙂

the power of vulnerability.

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Brene Brown discusses the power of vulnerability, an unexpected research topic that came from her studying human connections. She touches on shame, courage, compassion, connection, authenticity and vulnerability. It’s definitely reaffirming my decision to do shadow work. I hope you find value in it.

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going for the gold? find it in the shadow.

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Before I even understood it as a psychological concept, I’ve been intrigued by shadows. As a child, I’d always look at them. Even as an adult, I’ve continued to find their value and entertainment.

Although I began to understand the importance of unearthing my self and my truth two years ago, my interest didn’t consciously shift from something part of the external world to part of the internal world until last year when I asked myself, “do you need to see the worst of yourself in order to be the best of yourself?”

That question prompted an interest in the shadow that I’m now ready to explore. It’s scary. It’s exciting. An intuitive feeling informs me that this is a special time in my life.

Carl Jung said, “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls.” I believe it. It’s taken me almost a year to begin the journey and I can only strongly intend to maintain course, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

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What My World Sounds Like: Adele

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I remember it clearly. It was 2008. I was living in Philly, but visiting New York. Standing in a Sony Music office talking to a former co-worker, I heard this amazing music playing in the other room. Bluesy. Touching. Heartfelt. Powerful.

I was distracted. So much so that I walked away from my conversation into a stranger’s office, apologized for interrupting and emphatically, almost pleadingly, asked, “Who is this?”

Her name was Adele. The album was 19. And with that information, in an instant, I became a fan.

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“my name is khan and i’m not a terrorist.”

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The journeys life takes us on are simply amazing. I’m often unable to find the words to fully express the magic this world and the heart are capable of producing; I’m just along for the ride, practicing opening all my senses to experience as much of it as I can.

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“don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars.”

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I loved this video of Jessie J singing in the Times Square train station. So far, I like the messages in her music.

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