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do something you’ve never done.



By the time I was twelve, I knew I wanted to be a traveler. Not a regional vacationer, but an around the world, “I’m onto my next passport” global citizen. Twelve must have been an important year, as I recall “knowing” a lot about myself then. At any rate, I wasn’t in the position to make such a desire reality.

Two and a half years ago, I made a big deal out of getting my passport. There was a sense of urgency, although I can’t recall why. Two and a half years later, that small ID booklet has served relatively no use for me. Until today.

After spending the weekend researching, I booked flights to Barcelona, Spain and Bologna, Italy. The picture above is supposed to be Barcelona. It looks like a vivid dream. In due time, I’ll let you know if it’s real.

Having finally taken the steps to realize this dream, I can’t help but to feel excited, anxious even. It’s as if I’m on the cusp of a very pivotal moment. I’m crossing the threshold, taking action to actualize my dreams.

The results of this tiny, yet major, step will only reveal itself in time, but I know the ramifications will be positive. So, attending my own lecture, I say to us: do something you’ve never done.

I’m going to Spain! I’m going to Italy! Yes!!!! 🙂

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  1. That’s great even though I’m slightly jealous! Have an amazing time! Take alot of pictures!

  2. 🙂 I intend to take an insane amount of pictures. But I may also need to just experience a lot through the two eyes I have and savor the memories. We’ll see what happens. Don’t be jealous! I know you can take these types of trips, too. Really, it’s just a decision.

  3. totally, awesome. congrats. it’ll be some time before i can realize that traveling passion, but i’m up for doing what i haven’t done before. and also truly savoring what i can, where ever i can, even when its been done a thousand times:-) tryin’ to live in the present, leaving burdens of the past and not strangling my future with too much desire i end up missing the important moments and divine signals.

  4. I am so happy for you! I just began my travels a few years ago andI have to save I’m a completely different person. I cried when I stood in front of the Mona Lisa. It hit me that I was in front of one of the world’s most famous pieces of art and became overwhelmed. I hope that you experience the same joy as I did.

    By the way, your blog has become an essential part of my journey to peace. Thank you.

  5. @santee: resounding yes to everything you said! practice. practice. i’m learning the importance of the word practice.

    don’t try, do. but practice. intend. from there, new habits can be created. 🙂

    @nikk: thank you! and you’re welcome. 🙂 honestly, sharing my journey has become an essential part of my own journey to peace. i’m blessed and honored to be able to.

    i’m sure i will experience the same joy. i’m so beyond excited right now.

  6. Way to be bold, daring and just do it.

  7. I can be pretty impetuous. Just working on being more deliberate about creating the life experience(s) I want. 🙂

  8. Wow!

    Look at youuuu! Making it happen! That’s the way to go! Life is NOW!

    Sometimes we forget…

    Looking forward to reading/hearing of all that you gain & experience from these trips 🙂

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  10. This is Parc Guell; I’ve been there. Not sure when you’re going or if you’ve already been, but it’s not the only place in Spain that’s this awesome. You should check out the whole country!

  11. This IS Parc Guell! Wow. I thought I hadn’t seen this during my trip, but I did. I even took pics. 🙂

    Parc Guell was gorgeous and peaceful. It’s easy to stay there for hours on end. Aside from the attack on my sinuses, Spain was very good to me and I intend to return. What’s your favorite place?

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