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What My World Sounds Like: Adele


I remember it clearly. It was 2008. I was living in Philly, but visiting New York. Standing in a Sony Music office talking to a former co-worker, I heard this amazing music playing in the other room. Bluesy. Touching. Heartfelt. Powerful.

I was distracted. So much so that I walked away from my conversation into a stranger’s office, apologized for interrupting and emphatically, almost pleadingly, asked, “Who is this?”

Her name was Adele. The album was 19. And with that information, in an instant, I became a fan.

She recently released her sophomore album titled 21. Second albums usually make me nervous. Was the greatness of the first a fluke? With 21, Adele proves that it wasn’t. The melodies, the songwriting, the raw emotion… She’s a winner.

21 is not a happy love album; it was written after a break-up. Nonetheless, it has some beautiful songs. Some of the music is lackluster, but if you can overlook it and just listen to the voice and the words, you’ll find a gem.

“Rolling In The Deep”, “Set Fire To The Rain”, “He Won’t Go”, and “One And Only” are a few of the album’s best offerings. Enjoy!

Adele – “Set Fire To The Rain”

Adele – “He Won’t Go”

Adele – “One And Only”

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