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maybe it’s you: “about the highly sensitive person”


The more I understand about highly sensitive people, my curiosity grows. Is this me? Perhaps…

Is it you?

Take the test and learn more about Elaine Aron’s research on the highly sensitive person at hsperson.com.

3 Responses to maybe it’s you: “about the highly sensitive person”

  1. I am totally a “highly sensitive person”…I bought a HSP book when I was 16 and felt like it was written exactly for me….I’ve tried to use it to inform how I structure my life and relationships. Either way, its always a good reminder to reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses, remember that everyone has different needs, and be able to structure your life to best suit those needs. 🙂

  2. Really? How did you find out about the concept? Was it something that you were always kind of in tune with yourself about?

    What kind of things do you do, if you don’t mind sharing, to inform how you structure your life/relationships?

  3. I just purchased two of her books and I too finally feel like I understand myself. I was always labeled temperamental and often could not why some tasks overwhelmed me more than others. I felt like my head was always cloudy and I never felt clarity. I always retreated and still do in high choas and stressful situations. This book helped me feel like I am not crazy, and that I am just have different needs than others do. The challenge is others understanding this as well.

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