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SPOTLIGHT: “Forks Over Knives”


Once upon a time, I was a health zealot. Whether or not you asked, I’d gladly and immediately inform you of the contents of your food and any health risks they posed. My intention wasn’t to be a zealot; it was to be helpful. I was open and ready for that information and assumed everyone else was, too.

I was wrong.

Over time, I’ve ebbed and flowed with health. It’s prominence rises and falls. Over the course of the last year or so, it’s fallen. I’ve had beef (I thought it was veal), I’ve had pork (I knew it was pork), and I’ve consumed lots and lots of sugar. As of late, however, my attention to health has been on the rise.

It’s not even necessarily what’s present in my diet, so much as what’s been missing: easily digestible, nutrient rich plant-based foods.

Preventative health, mostly based around diet, used to be such a large focus in my life, and over time has dwindled away. But I miss it. I believe in it. I want it back.

That said, last week, I decided to detox by eating raw foods for two weeks. At first, I was super nervous, even tentative about lasting the entire time. By the time the first day arrived, I was mentally prepared and fully committed. On the second day, I realized it was my one year anniversary of moving to New York (sentimental, I know) and decided to, on day three, treat myself to a dinner at the raw restaurant near my house.

Best decision ever. 🙂 I’m so about to eat lots of raw foods. Not just for the next two weeks, but period. I’m interested in optimal health.

I saw the Forks Over Knives trailer posted above and thought you’d be interested in knowing that optimal health is at the end of your fork.

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3 Responses to SPOTLIGHT: “Forks Over Knives”

  1. I posted this on my facebook page a short while back. It is SO important to take full control of your health. I really wish that would sink into our brain more. Drugs are just not natural. Bravo on your health resurgence! I still want to incorporate raw food in my diet. Since I’ve moved, I’ve become an unhealthy vegetarian (I blame my husband mostly). Our health should be our top priority.

  2. We all fall off the wagon. It’s super easy in this culture because health isn’t incorporated into it. We glorify the fast, easy, lazy way of doing most things. It’s easier when more people are committed to it together.

  3. i was out recently with some new women friends of mine – we were at a pizza place – one woman had an app on her phone that would predict her weight if she continued to eat this way. though the app provided key nutritional information about her food – her approached seemed obsessive and not driven by “health.” I don’t see you in that extreme case but i am wondering.

    just wondering if you have every attached your food zeal, so to speak, with an eating disorder? often times women, well american (western) people, straddle the line between intake conscientiousness and food obsession.

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