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3-way street


Image Source: 3-Way Street by ronconcocacola


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  1. This video should be widely circulated! I witness this everyday in DC and sadly I hate seeing cyclist riding in the streets instead of the bike lane. Something has to give soon! Thanks for sharing

  2. Honestly, the problem is a lack of cooperation altogether. In a 72 hour period, I got into TWO accidents because of pedestrians while riding in the bike lane. People want to act like the aggressive behavior of cyclists is inherent to cyclists; it’s not. No one respects the space provided, pedestrians and motorists alike. Neither wants cyclists on the road. The problem is the only people being catered to, honestly are motorists. All the lights are timed for cars. All the space, in most cases, is designed for cars with cyclists being an afterthought. Cyclists can absolutely do some stupid things on the road, as everyone can, which this video points out. All the mishaps presented here wasn’t exclusive to cyclists, but that’s what’s remembered. It’s called 3-way street because it is. Everyone is a part of the problem and everyone needs to be a part of the solution. Biking is the number one form of transportation in the world, often the most efficient for navigating condensed urban space, and the most ecologically safe transportation (benefitting EVERYONE), yet they’re constantly treated like a nuisance. That’s a problem.

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