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SPOTLIGHT: “Freedom Ahead”


My life is changing! I´m currently in the process of experiencing a completely different way of living (again), but now in Haiti. I´m studying and practicing permaculture, which I want to share with the world. Even though the title´s about 40 years old, the principles are much, much older than that. Somebody just decided to call it something and now people living it now have a common language for it.

The film above, Freedom Ahead is about permaculture and sums up a bit about where I am in my life right now. I hope it inspires you. Please share your thoughts. 🙂

2 Responses to SPOTLIGHT: “Freedom Ahead”

  1. Wow…I need to watch this whole film. I loved it. These are things I always think about!! It’s definitely hard thinking in this way but still living in a culture that values the wrong things. It’s hard to separate the two. This put the perspective on life that is always needed.

  2. There´s a lot more to the discourse than what was presented here. This film definitely doesn´t take into consideration the fact that the exchange rate is working in the favor of the expats who started permaculture places but that doesn´t discount the importance of the work. I definitely recommend finishing it.

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