What My World’s Like started as a personal project geared at changing my habitual response to look for the negative towards looking for the positive. “Find the good. Be inspired.” was the tagline and my reminder to search for the sunny side of things. In order to have the better tomorrow that we all envision, we must transform the trajectory of what we believe is possible. We can start with changing our responses and altering our inclination towards the negative to an inclination towards the positive.

After years of this as my blogging focus, it worked. Over time, with more intention behind my goal, I realized that the more positive attributes I identified within myself the more confidence I had in my ability to positively act upon the world, and the more I automatically moved towards finding and highlighting the up-side.

Now, I write about the lessons I learn everyday in my attempts to constantly transform myself and my life into my highest vision of what’s possible.

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